It’ll keep breathing.

I don’t knowwhat this life has planned I’m just alivethat’s what I know and in my death it’ll keep breathing as my heart stops other will continue to pumpand more will be discovered because life keeps growing it adds more as it deletes out parts that aren’t quite efficient creating foodfeeding upon each other. DoContinue reading “It’ll keep breathing.”

Odd drawings with color.

My mind is constantly thinking in which I’m constantly stressing myself out over everything. I’m also a scattered type in which one thought leads to another and I’m all over the place. Which makes it difficult in writing an actual book because I quickly flake off into another character and spin it into another story.Continue reading “Odd drawings with color.”

Living in my brain.

Living in my brainhas been difficult I’d rather be herethan there or anywhere else although it hurtsalways taking in listening trying to interrupt to get a word out a thoughtthrown amongst the restit feels anxious and upsetit gets angered when all noises hit at once and the quiet is obliterated it swells upand it burstsContinue reading “Living in my brain.”

I always think…

I always thinkI should be more. What is thatwhat is morewhat is better? They’re all thoughtsthat changefrom one thought to another from one brain out and in. Within a minuteit’s different because brains are articulating crunching the data trying to think. Each thought I feel lessless like it matters because I cannot fail because failingContinue reading “I always think…”

Who is winning?

Who is winning?I hear that term often.They’re winning!I ask who?Big Pharma!Filled of employees getting oldthey’re wrinkling.Our politicians!They’re getting old wrinkly skinthey’re aging. The big CEOs!They’re getting old they’re wrinkling.Congress!They’re getting oldthey’re wrinklingbodies enlarging minds are loosing all their thoughts slipping.I ask who is winning?The influencers!Always struggling for likesfor one more laugh enslaved by their homesContinue reading “Who is winning?”