Personal choices are exactly that.

I struggle with authority
and social norms.
I cannot smile
when I don’t want
and I find myself choking
on the words
and the frustration
that lives within me.
I find myself hiding it
because speaking freely
is something often celebrated
unless you feel differently
and then you stay quiet.
I find myself
pondering my beliefs
seeing the holes within them
I am pro-choice
although I value life
I just see the blurred lines
and I know the complications it brings
although I never have myself
I’m not against abortion.
In theory I have
if you allow
the restrictive to construct
your views
when it comes to contraceptives.
I’m anti guns
because humans and power
it’s a dangerous thing
a distance
standing between you and a target
I don’t agree.
I have never shot a gun
and have no intent to do so.
I am not against gay marriage
although I don’t celebrate it
because I don’t celebrate
heterosexuality either.
I suppose you could say
I’m for all marriage
against all huge weddings.
I don’t care for extravagant parties
and unwarranted debt
it’s pointless.
I’m married
although we aren’t owned by each other.
I have no tether upon my finger
because my personal
is for me
and trust is important.
I do not partake in an open relationship
it’s closed
me and him
but what others do
that is their choice.
Swingers shall swing
and it harms not me.
I believe
personal choices
are exactly that
and not for me
to determine for anyone but me.
I wonder why
it’s difficult for you
to make the decisions
only for you
and not for them?
Why is it so hard
to keep your choices
from dictating theirs?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

There is no right life.

When I was young
I wanted to save the world
cure all the ills
aid the homeless
and dissolve the pain of others
and now I’m different
I see it’s more complicated
rooted back to times
I’ve never seen
I’ve only read of.

There has been change
in small doses
only we at heart are always the same
stepping upon the bodies
to find our place of right
and now at my age
I’ve accepted
there is no right life
there is no perfect solution
because someone will always hurt
equality is a fruit
swallowed and spit out
sour to the tastebuds
because it’s not enough
not for the minds
rotted with greed
they always need to eat the most
spoonful of others
and I no longer
dream of being the savior
simply I live within the faith
I won’t be just one more soul
damning the human race
to extinction.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

This human thing.

This human thing
it feels wrong
it feels like every thought
is in conflict with another
and I’m hunching over.

The words claw in
clutching on
and this human thing
is becoming unbearable
will the words
claw so deep
the thoughts taring open my skin
exposing bone
releasing a river of blood?

Every thought conflicts
this human thing
it’s difficult
further I hunch
as I think
I tell myself
to stand straight
realign my spine
but I cannot till every human is fine
which is an impossibility
because all our thoughts
all our wants
all our needs
turning this human thing
into a feeling of wrong.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

You exist.

You exist
that’s great
I do as well
so does that person
oh and that person over there
and all the other animals.

We’re really just an animal
trying to make sense
of a universe that’s vast
and the never ending
makes us sick with frustration
with curiosity
that’s never filled.

Killing each other
for money
for a system
that’s not infinite
materials that’ll break
not soon enough
to cleanse the Earth
it just fills
and fills more
reseeding it’s filth
filling us with microplastics
our blood isn’t what it was
we’re all
looking for superiority
and I believe
none of us are
wealth is only
an accumulation of things
that can crumble
and cluster our Earth.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Everything is money.

Everything is money
that’s why it’s all so similar
the sounds repeated
the stories changed in small doses
the books on the big screen
it’s because money is the thing
money is the price for our creativity
for our growth
for our knowledge
for our cures for cancer
the price is money
and it’s slowed us
stopped us
crept within our minds
clawing itself in
till we gave in
and we write
and create the memes
that get the most likes
we just want to be
in a larger home
with a smaller heart
and less creative time
we just want to be
the ones with the most money
the creatives we are nothing
it’s those with the minds of business
that makes the most
that chooses what goes
chooses what is seen
and what meets with the best
and I’d rather be
just not be that
because I’m an arrogant mess
and poor is what I am.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

A thought is only a piece.

A thought is only a piece
another thought appears
together they mingle
intertwining to create more
as the the afterthought
feeds upon the current
evolving the thoughts
trying to climb out of their hole
wet and filled of blood
creeping to the surface
thoughts they transform
but there is a part
that tampers the heart
beating it does
sending an electrical current
that corrupts the brain
to rethink
to slip back
to repeat the past
to repeat the hate
that doesn’t belong within it.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Feeling guilty.

Feeling guilty
that everything
is neither right
nor wrong
because someone is hurting
and someone is happy
and there is guilt
that lives within me
larger it gains
with a thought
a thought, thought by me
a thought, thought by you
a thought, thought by them
a thought, thought by they
it is a thought
and I get ruffled
slipping through the cracks
that are opening
trying to hold on to the edge
as the guilt it grows
heavily I am
my fingers give up
falling I am
as the guilt
of right
and the guilt of wrong
it lives
it breathes
it multiplies
and I cannot breath
my airway restricts
and my brain struggles
to the tune of my heart
am I right
am I wrong
am I one of the many
burrowing us deeper
can I be better
what is better
is anything better
or is better just a thought
an opinion
if I think it
it’s right to me
and yet wrong to you
I cannot stop
this feeling
so deep
as I fall
and I fall
I struggle to regain calm
although I’ve never felt it
so if I reached it
would I know if I am?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Why fight for more when we’re already failing?

Abortion is murder

Alright, sure I’ll give you that.
But what about the bodies already here?
You know the kids already living?
The adults that once were
a cluster of cells
and now they’re a full blown person
losing their sanity,
you’re telling them to have more babies?

Abortion is murder, they’re all murderers! Prochoice are all the same.

Yes we are,
and so are you
every time you fight
for an unborn life
your fighting for one more
soon to be full grown person
flustered on Earth
standing with a rifle
outside of a school
outside of a market.
Rather why not fight here on the grounds
right now
right here and say
every life alive today
outside the womb
needs to be helped
their minds saved.
Why not focus on
what’s already here
try and stop the bloodshed
outside of wombs
you know the ones that can survive
on the outside.
Why fight for more
when we’re already failing?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I can’t think of anything as correct.

I can’t think of anything as correct
and there are no words
that are worth pain
that are worth my heart stopping
or a mouth from speaking
no words worth quitting
there are no words
worth hitting
you can speak
you can think
and when I get flustered
it’s my minds inability
to filter
your lead written words
there is no terms
that are definite
we speak of facts
and I utter opinion
it’s fucking opinion
it all is
it all has been
we’re buzzing around
with our asses out
feeling the sting
of each other
and it’s like look
listen it doesn’t matter
I’ll take a breath
you take a breath
if I quit over words
that’s on me
if you quit
that’s on you.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina