The universe is without
a brain to hold
the truth it finds.
It creates life
to answer what it cannot,
the questions
that keeps the universe expanding.

That creation
is an explorer
finding answers
that life needs to uncover.
The truths they find
causes their brains to pulsate
and shed
releasing the parts
the intelligent life cannot accept
as if the answers are incomprehensible.

Intelligent life
cannot accept
its purpose
to keep the universe expanding
and to consider the possibility
that its birth is meant
to continue life.

Once the answers are given
and life is satisfied
will that creation die out
and give space for what is
to come next?
If that is true
do we want to give life
the answers it seeks
or allow the answers
to shrivel and die within us?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I see faces amongst the wood.

I see faces amongst the wood
ingrained within the floor
that I step upon
rather than walk around.

I hear words spoken years ago
with a lower intensity
although they’re duller
they still wreck havoc upon my ear drums
causing reactions to numb.

I smell a metallic scent
drifting up
and I get down
cleaning all around.

I taste the sweetness of power
as I’m down
on my knees
slurping the liquid
before it dries
and I wonder how long its taken them to rise.

I touch gaining a sense of the past
and I curl in close
and I whisper within the porcelain ear
embedded within the floor
that all this could have been prevented
had they just listened before.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina


Disinfect the casing
spray it down
to prevent molding
it’s dirty again
submerge it within water
and hope it dries
air drying isn’t the best
grab a towel
don’t be to delicate
the mold is rough
it gets in there
and isn’t willing to leave.

It’s not as if
you can buy another
at the corner store
maybe off the internet
although it’d be damaged upon arrival
and no one knows
how to transfer the brain
properly from one body to another
so try harder
clean it quicker
dry it completely
because once this body dies
your life is over.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I’ll love you till I’m dead.

I’ll love you
till I’m dead
because when I’m not thinking
I don’t think love is possible
at that point.
Till then I’m yours.

Thank you
for filling the car with gasoline
when I do I’m covered in gas
smelling and to close to a lighter
I’ll go up in smoke
because the simple tasks
of this living world
are impossible
for a brain like mine.

I’m often failing
at grasping simple gestures
asking you what words mean
and what responses
are proper
and which are rude
over text
to that of a traditional mind
which I know is out of your grasp
but I thank you for the ask and the reply.

I love you
and with you
I feel success is possible
and I thank you
for the chance.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Distance is better.

All the bodies
walking off
this way
and that way,
the distance is better.
Apart far enough
in which their chaos cannot bleed
right into me
and their presence
is acknowledged
without reaching me
and allowing their pain
to seep within.

When their pain is felt
I lay down
the shivers take me
as I try to force it out
that hate in them
ready to swallow me whole.
The pain that ate them internally
prepared to eat its way straight through
and into me.
Leaping upon me
looking for a home
in which it finds more
to make friends with
mixing with
breeding with
and disbursing
its disease
over and over
for feelings are difficult
and feeling it
can be confusing
when you can’t find the main source.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Time is dying.

Time is dying
each second that passes
is the end
of that moment
and the memories retained
are never identical
never fully intact.
If I pick them out
the videos of your mind
pieces would be missing
words deleted, changed
and faces missing
because the moment
they enter us
that’s the moment
the event changes.
It distorts
and becomes the perception
of the individual
rather than the truth
of the actual event.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I scrub to erase the day.

As if grease in a pan
it sticks heavily
with a stink
I scrub
attempting to clean
to erase the day.

The faucet turns on
red stains left
as it turns off
my hands dry and coarse.

Lotion to moisturize
as I stare heavily into the eyes
forever within the mirror
the same eyes looking back
as if there is no escape
as if I’d want one?

Death brings an end
an end to thinking
an end to cleaning
an end to trying to forget
the worry and the stress
the germs that cling on
reading to take the life
from a living body
invading, exploring, and breeding.

Yet I clean
and I cover over
sanitize, deodorize
the day after
and yesterday
because death
has preventative measures
for a period of time
and I’m not ready
to stop the stress
and the worry
because thinking is everything.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Is winning meant to be misery?

You don’t have to agree
it’s alright to feel it
to feel the emotion
the confusion
of human conflicts
understanding it
I cannot.

Always trying
to tug the chains in their own favor
deleting and adding
rules to govern
trying to be more willing
in which they’re all
trying to stake claim
and win
and what I can’t understand
is what they’re winning?

I never found happiness in stress
I never found happiness in harming others
I never found happiness in hurtful words
because as I say them
as I think them
I feel a pain within my brain
hating the jealous part
hating the part that judges
hating the part that’s critical
of actions of others
and actions of myself
and I’ve always wondered
where is the happiness
in standing above the rest?
I only observe stress
and pain in all the bodies
above and below.
So please tell me who is ever winning?
Is winning meant to be misery?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina