Was it the left? Was it the right?

Two houses at the end of the street,
was it the left,
was it the right?
Same color house
same size
same year built.
I never could tell my left
from my right
without my hands raised.

The house on the left
had a body on the counter
filled of knives,
a head hanging from the string
upon the fan,
and a basement
that conveniently flooded last week
in a little bit of rain.

It had to be them
they were twisted people
finding humor in death
and mutilation.
Who else could it have been?

The house on the right
clean cut
prayers at the dinner table
crosses upon the walls
wholesome that’s what they were
with a basement never to enter
because it was dusty and old.

Out of their houses
the left were often in a fight
pissed off
out at the store
screaming about the pickles upon the floor.
“It’s a slipping hazard!”
Hands in the air
clumsy fingers
always talking to the cashier
a flirtatious line
the cashier often rolled their eyes.

Out of their houses
on the right
ready to clean the spill
all themselves
because they were always quick
to lend a hand
keeping the floors clean
smiling at the cashier
a smile back, always polite they were.

from the right
heads down
tears receding
prayers to the family
over a loss such as this.

Anger from the left
no apologies
as the son
was carried away in cuffs.
“What evidence?” They demanded
Video evidence of him pounding the cashier
in the back alley near the dumpsters
“It was mutual!” he yelled.

“They dated,” the mother cried out.
“She’s been over for dinner several times.”

A hand upon the cashiers body
that laid upon the slab
a last breath offered
Left,” escaped its prison
wait,” the words
fading with me
I never did know my left
from my right
without my hands raised.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

The Earth is aching.

The Earth is aching
beneath the bodies
standing upon it
as all the feet
and all the paws
drag across the crust
weighing deeper
upon the land
the Earth begins to crack.

Bursting of rage
the energy entering minds
feeling the despair
feeling the rage
the bodies begin to break
breaking themselves and others
losing a sense of sensibility
because the more the animals
grow and evolve
the more the Earth takes on
and the less capacity it has.

We begin to feel
what the Earth is feeling
and we begin to unravel
as we roll ourselves back up
the same as yarn
we longer look quite the same
because once we feel it
we can’t stop.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

A body of little importance.

A body of little importance
swept in
because in the aspects of time
most of us are merely subjects
of little importance
rarely inspected
just a particle to slip through
the black hole of space
atoms uniting together again
an accident
simply a casualty of little importance
eventually becoming a case to study
because how did they combine
together again the same as before?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I cannot feel right.

I cannot think right
I cannot feel right
I cannot find right
I cannot taste right
I cannot smell right
because there are to many screams
to many chants to listen to
to many fumes polluting
to many foods to consume
to many words floating about my air
and I cannot think
I cannot find
I cannot hear
I cannot smell
I cannot touch
there are just to much
to many words already spoken
to many poems already written
to many foods already found
to many smells to cover the others
all these perfumes
I cannot
I cannot think
I cannot speak enough
I cannot feel it all
at all times
I cannot find right
because there is to much
and I ask
do you you have an answer?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Time will not repair.

Taking the pliers
opening the chest cavity
and writing directly upon the heart
etching in my initials
leaving a message
to never be forgotten
even in my death.

A rhythm created out of love
changing the beats
and re-writing
what makes the heart
gain excitement
and calm when needed.

Mixing our liquid life
a connection
in which
when ones dies first
the other will feel a loss
in which time will not repair.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

A blade inserted.

A blade inserted
disrupting reactions
and causing the thoughts to blurry
as the drainage seeps
filling the eye cavities
dripping it releases
and yet the entire system
is still overwhelmed.

Several taps
a harder hit
trying to regain focus
the thoughts are filling
as the blade is digging deeper
harder it is to think
the harder it is to smile
to feel less pressure
because the pressure is building
beneath the blade
and it hurts
the pain is difficult
because the blade
is strong
and in each victim
it sharpens itself.

Even when the blade breaks
it wins
because with each break
it becomes several more parts
ready to slip in
within more victims
rendering their calm
halting their laughter
and turning them
into lemures.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

My official defeat.

Through my eyes the frustrations escape
in their liquid state
a touch of a hand
and within they seep again
clinging within the inner wall
low as I can I crawl
as my mind eats the burdens
poisoning the organs
I try and I try
there are so many reasons why
to breath and awake each day
always I’m searching for a way
to breath and breath again
I cry to my friend
nestled within my chest
to keep going and never rest
for when it stops its beat
that’ll be my official defeat.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Life is every breath at once.

Life is an exchange
a returning of one product
for that of another
adding parts
taking pieces away
creating more
for another to thrive.

Growth cannot happen
without competition
to provoke the interest
of striving harder
feeding the victors.

When in actuality
life is a unit
in which weakness
and strength
comes together
and without the other
life would never continue
because it’s each piece
that makes life happen
for life is every breath at once.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I don’t want your heart.

I don’t want your heart
I already have my own
and you wouldn’t be able to survive
without your heart beating within your chest
I’d never feel any rest
if your eyes no longer opened
and your hands no longer caressed
every part of me.

Please keep it for yourself
buried within the chest cavity
in which it belongs
love isn’t taking it whole
more than a heart is able to give
rather love is receiving
and reciporcating
all awhile remembering each parts separate
as much as they are a unit.

We’re not one entity
we’re two separate bodies
conjoining for mere moments of time
and parting enough
to do as we must
and joining within the moments
we can’t breath alone
and separating when we need our own air
never compromising our own values
because love doesn’t mean
quitting upon yourself
it means having an extension of help
in the moments that are the hardest.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

The biggest fear in me.

Death is always a thought away
slipping it’s way within the gourmet
even the most finest course
could be laced with the worst.
A dinner of thoughts
filling the stomach with force
after a breakfast
that left the mind in unrest.

Trapped in a car
thinking of hearts afar
what if they stumble
a rock in the way and they tumble
a broken spleen
a cracked neck bruising their mind mean
what if they laugh
and a rib is cracked in half
what if they slip
in the middle of their flip
a snap
and their life is a wrap.

Death is always there
a thought that’s hard to share
a constant worry
turning the vision blurry
quickly a panic
an eruption of thoughts through the static
anger and yelling
to stop from swelling
because their death
shutters my breath
for the biggest fear in me
is death taking them before taking me.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina