My brain is drowning.

My brain is drowning within this age of knowledgethe information is pulling itweighting it down it cannot come up it’s forgetting the automatic tasksbreathe it tells the lungsit had forgotten. Opinions are spitting aboutand the facts can’t counter enough blocking a few particlesas the others entermy brain is drowning within all the saliva flinging fromContinue reading “My brain is drowning.”

Isn’t the sole pilot.

The loudnessthe constant speaking the words of othersthe thoughts of my own mixed with theirsI can’t keep up and I slowand I restwithin my safety right up herewithin the wordsand worlds I speak ofrealities that don’t hold up outside of my safe placebecause my brain it yearns of control and within real lifeit isn’t theContinue reading “Isn’t the sole pilot.”

The shards of brain piercing my heart.

Humanity hits hardand I feel fragile.Every hit breaks another piece of glasssending it throughout my blood stream. The shards of brain piercing my heart.I feel the holes opening and their painful recovery to close,only to be opened again.I can’t break free of this humanity,of the make believe I have come to believe in, even ifContinue reading “The shards of brain piercing my heart.”


Are we all prisonersof this civilization? The bars electrified by the memories of our pastsand each time a finger slipsour brains fry a little bit. Freedom is impossible when the bars are invisible and our currencyis paperbecause paper can set on fireand our currency is computer codebecause computer codecan be served to another. The onesContinue reading “Prisoners”