Simply put I’m an artist, writer, workout enthusiast, wife, and mother of two.

I use art as a way to navigate what I’m feeling, and as a way to try and connect with other people. I rarely understand why people do what they do, and through writing I try to imagine what it feels to be inside someone else’s head besides my own all awhile allowing the other people that inhabit my head to escape.

Writing is my place of solitude, and yet it’s a place to share. I don’t expect to change perspective, that’s not what this is all about, I’m just here to share my own perspective. Am I right? To you probably not to myself most certainly yes. Isn’t that the greatest conflict of life who is actually right? The answer none of us. Maybe everyone on Earth are the one’s left behind and everyone with all the answers have already cultivated life on another planet without us.

Here’s a short poem to share my creative process.

Living within a shared mind
I’m here
and so are they
tapping at the balcony.

My feelings stray
yet they stay
I scream this is my mind
they reply it’s not a crime
for it’s shared space
blood crests the landscape.

Faces cluster
I shutter
there has to be an escape
my heart isn’t in that kind of shape
pitter patter
I feel sadder
write it out
as they shout.

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