Their thoughts endless.

A green, greyish creaturecovered by scales all the way down to their tailthat once could have been legs.If they had evolved upon landrather than diving deeperdown the depths of the coldest of placesand deeper they went loosing fur facial features changing teeth pointedeye lids no longer neededgills to breath and a tail to swim.Echolocation becauseContinue reading “Their thoughts endless.”

Lips green as the blades of grass.

A face dyed red and lips green as the blades of grassthat curve upeven upon restfor if they were to slip they could present a sense of being upsetand questions would arisein which the answers would be pointlessbecause a frown is reserved for sadness.Although there are days when the creature just wants to relaxand giveContinue reading “Lips green as the blades of grass.”

Like An Octopus Creature

I’ve been trying to get myself to draw more of the creature art type of stuff because it’s the only way I’m able to shut my mind off for several minutes at a time. I have a difficult time relaxing my husband recently bought this odd back posture thing that’s suppose to correct posture byContinue reading “Like An Octopus Creature”