I can’t keep awake.

I can’t keep awakeand when I am I can’t keep my mind in placeit runs fastand it stops my ears from listening because the thoughts it thinksare quickand rarely stopping. When I’m asleepit stays busycreating dreamsplaying beneath my eyelidsand I can’t stay wakecan’t keep myself thinking with purposerather my brain changes the thoughtand writes outContinue reading “I can’t keep awake.”

Growing a mind is a sensitive thing.

There’s so much anger in you and I’m fearful you’ll never know a true smile or laugh a true laughwith all the aggression all the frustrations that appearand I try to hold mine inbecause cruel words create cruel beings and I try so hardas the screaming starts and the yelling approaches but I myself haveContinue reading “Growing a mind is a sensitive thing.”

Making my mind mine.

I’ve spent a lot of timemaking my mind mine.Analyzing many of wordsand combinations taking in thoughtsfrom other sourcesand banishing them out.I’m not looking to change,I’m looking to evolve further.My mind openednot to suggestions or for the takemy mind is open to allow the flow to create to find what hasn’t been done trying to shredContinue reading “Making my mind mine.”

If I stare at the same place.

If I stare at the same placeI can see your face I can their faceI can create a new faceby shoving them within the mind blenderpressing the buttons faster until their bones surrender and they become a beautiful paste that I reshape on this platecleansing the faces of their ugly that stench of smugly whenContinue reading “If I stare at the same place.”

Are you a part of all the lies?

There is a mind somewhere around hereDo you hear that whine?all our feet glued to the groundwho’s mindis it yoursare you a part of all the liesliving lifein hopes of what comes nextshh…he? she? might hear usI feel their hands upon my legsI try to lift my feetI’m heavyweighted by their smugisn’t it ironicour faithContinue reading “Are you a part of all the lies?”