Is this reality?

Is this reality or is this the fictionalized realmthat we’ve projected in our deaths? A collective unitlives playing on screens and the thoughts we think they’re that of everything that’s why I worry that’s why we go insane because that is sanity realizing reality isn’t this. I spent every thought trying to understand everything tryingContinue reading “Is this reality?”

Before the blood freezes.

Externally I’m shaking trying to warm up before the blood freezesand liquification isn’t an option. A needle inserteda bag tilted inspecting as the friction meets the skin stay warm have to stay warm a lighter I’m never been a smokerand candles aren’t always necessary in the times of electricity. I breath out as the airContinue reading “Before the blood freezes.”

Was it the left? Was it the right?

Two houses at the end of the street,was it the left,was it the right?Same color house same sizesame year built. I never could tell my left from my right without my hands raised. The house on the left had a body on the counter filled of knives,a head hanging from the string upon the fan,andContinue reading “Was it the left? Was it the right?”

I see faces amongst the wood.

I see faces amongst the wood ingrained within the floorthat I step upon rather than walk around. I hear words spoken years agowith a lower intensity although they’re dullerthey still wreck havoc upon my ear drums causing reactions to numb. I smell a metallic scent drifting up and I get down cleaning all around. IContinue reading “I see faces amongst the wood.”