Thinking is painful.

Thinking is painfulmy head is weighted with all the worriesand my body is feeling it the pain of understanding the pain of obligations the pain of the human condition. I think in webs of frustration navigating through thoughts stopping it isn’t blankalthough the thought is worthlessbecause it doesn’t pay the billsthe words don’t change theContinue reading “Thinking is painful.”

I’ll love you till I’m dead.

I’ll love you till I’m deadbecause when I’m not thinking I don’t think love is possibleat that point.Till then I’m yours. Thank you for filling the car with gasolinewhen I do I’m covered in gassmelling and to close to a lighterI’ll go up in smoke because the simple tasksof this living world are impossiblefor aContinue reading “I’ll love you till I’m dead.”