You just keep trying to smile.

You are breathingyou know that because you can see it through the cold your hands are turning colors the needles settling in you know you must be alive even if you’ve seen yourself burieda nightmare manifested by the brain to damper the illness. Although the illness is make believe it’s the pressuresthat were invented notContinue reading “You just keep trying to smile.”

To be a smile in the sky.

To be a smile in the skythat brightens and slowly fades as the night appearsanother shows half crescent a smile in the sky never at restwhile allowing the others to know there is a safetya happinessto the end of each daystill guiding their wayas their wicked dreamscome out the demons feedagain the smileawakens ready toContinue reading “To be a smile in the sky.”

If others can’t see us smile how do we prove we are?

There is a need to be enjoyedto be taken in as if entirely alone in the smallest portion of Earth detached from our technological appendages we may not exist. If others can’t see us smilehow do we prove we are?If we cannot capture the eventhow do we reason it happened?If we are not liked thenContinue reading “If others can’t see us smile how do we prove we are?”


“Smile it won’t hurt so muchhaven’t you heard smiling is contagious if you smile you’ll feel happierlook I’m smiling my smile isn’t enough for you?” “Smilethat is what your bumper sticker saysthat is what you believe smiling makes the world happierwhy aren’t your happyI’m smiling why won’t you smileyou’ll be happyright?” He laughed “Does anyoneContinue reading “Smile”