Is this reality?

Is this reality or is this the fictionalized realmthat we’ve projected in our deaths? A collective unitlives playing on screens and the thoughts we think they’re that of everything that’s why I worry that’s why we go insane because that is sanity realizing reality isn’t this. I spent every thought trying to understand everything tryingContinue reading “Is this reality?”


Humanwe try to define ittry to separate ittry to categorize it try to define it. Human is humanif it breathes if it thinks anatomically it is human. We separate classify it disassociate aspects as if this human is better than that human any human that breathes any human alive is using resources is conducting mistakesContinue reading “Human”

I can’t keep awake.

I can’t keep awakeand when I am I can’t keep my mind in placeit runs fastand it stops my ears from listening because the thoughts it thinksare quickand rarely stopping. When I’m asleepit stays busycreating dreamsplaying beneath my eyelidsand I can’t stay wakecan’t keep myself thinking with purposerather my brain changes the thoughtand writes outContinue reading “I can’t keep awake.”

There isn’t my best.

There isn’t my bestthere is just a portion that triesa part that keeps doing thingskeeps waking in the morningkeeps forcing me to sleep keeps forcing me to eatthere isn’t my bestjust a portion that tries. A portion that combines wordshit up against the other portion that hates structurethat hates authoritythat hates any that tells meContinue reading “There isn’t my best.”

My brain is drowning.

My brain is drowning within this age of knowledgethe information is pulling itweighting it down it cannot come up it’s forgetting the automatic tasksbreathe it tells the lungsit had forgotten. Opinions are spitting aboutand the facts can’t counter enough blocking a few particlesas the others entermy brain is drowning within all the saliva flinging fromContinue reading “My brain is drowning.”


Expectations shorten usdisplaces our happiness and changes what we could be. Expectations how long to finish a task how quickly to speak how many words we shall know how well we should write. Expectations quitting before we finish because of the limits we put upon ourselves what we expect to what it could be andContinue reading “Expectations”


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