The Earth is aching.

The Earth is achingbeneath the bodies standing upon it as all the feetand all the pawsdrag across the crust weighing deeper upon the land the Earth begins to crack. Bursting of rage the energy entering minds feeling the despair feeling the rage the bodies begin to break breaking themselves and others losing a sense ofContinue reading “The Earth is aching.”

A body of little importance.

A body of little importanceswept inbecause in the aspects of timemost of us are merely subjectsof little importancerarely inspectedjust a particle to slip throughthe black hole of spaceatoms uniting together againan accidentsimply a casualty of little importanceeventually becoming a case to studybecause how did they combinetogether again the same as before? Thanks for reading. -TemperamentallyContinue reading “A body of little importance.”

I cannot feel right.

I cannot think right I cannot feel right I cannot find right I cannot taste right I cannot smell right because there are to many screams to many chants to listen to to many fumes polluting to many foods to consume to many words floating about my airand I cannot think I cannot find IContinue reading “I cannot feel right.”

Time will not repair.

Taking the pliersopening the chest cavityand writing directly upon the heartetching in my initials leaving a message to never be forgotten even in my death. A rhythm created out of love changing the beatsand re-writing what makes the heart gain excitement and calm when needed. Mixing our liquid life a connection in which when onesContinue reading “Time will not repair.”

A blade inserted.

A blade inserted disrupting reactions and causing the thoughts to blurry as the drainage seeps filling the eye cavities dripping it releasesand yet the entire system is still overwhelmed. Several tapsa harder hit trying to regain focus the thoughts are filling as the blade is digging deeperharder it is to thinkthe harder it is toContinue reading “A blade inserted.”

My official defeat.

Through my eyes the frustrations escapein their liquid statea touch of a hand and within they seep again clinging within the inner walllow as I can I crawl as my mind eats the burdens poisoning the organs I try and I try there are so many reasons whyto breath and awake each day always I’mContinue reading “My official defeat.”

Life is every breath at once.

Life is an exchange a returning of one product for that of another adding parts taking pieces away creating more for another to thrive. Growth cannot happen without competition to provoke the interest of striving harder feeding the victors. When in actuality life is a unit in which weakness and strength comes together and withoutContinue reading “Life is every breath at once.”

I don’t want your heart.

I don’t want your heartI already have my own and you wouldn’t be able to survive without your heart beating within your chestI’d never feel any rest if your eyes no longer opened and your hands no longer caressedevery part of me. Please keep it for yourself buried within the chest cavity in which itContinue reading “I don’t want your heart.”

The biggest fear in me.

Death is always a thought away slipping it’s way within the gourmet even the most finest course could be laced with the worst.A dinner of thoughts filling the stomach with force after a breakfast that left the mind in unrest. Trapped in a car thinking of hearts afar what if they stumble a rock inContinue reading “The biggest fear in me.”


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