The universe is without a brain to hold the truth it finds. It creates life to answer what it cannot,the questions that keeps the universe expanding. That creation is an explorer finding answers that life needs to uncover.The truths they find causes their brains to pulsate and shed releasing the partsthe intelligent life cannot acceptContinue reading “Explorer”

Chopped like onions.

I don’t often speakin crowded places as the opinions drip out of mouths and are chopped like onions by the public mixersprovoking tearsas I hold in my thoughtsknowing my wordsaren’t as strongas the fumes of theirs rather I stay quietand I keep it infor moments that I feel are necessary. Thanks for reading. -Temperamentally Tina


Disinfect the casing spray it down to prevent molding it’s dirty again submerge it within waterand hope it driesair drying isn’t the bestgrab a towel don’t be to delicate the mold is rough it gets in there and isn’t willing to leave. It’s not as if you can buy anotherat the corner storemaybe off theContinue reading “Disinfect.”

I carefully collect them.

I give you my emotions dripping of vile wordsbottled and stored within youand as it becomes harder and the words seep from your poresI carefully collect them and take them back in allowing space within yourself because you deserve to find solace within me as well. Thanks for reading. -Temperamentally Tina

Distance is better.

All the bodies walking offthis way and that way,the distance is better. Apart far enough in which their chaos cannot bleedright into me and their presence is acknowledged without reaching meand allowing their painto seep within. When their pain is feltI lay down the shivers take me as I try to force it out thatContinue reading “Distance is better.”

Time is dying.

Time is dying each second that passes is the end of that moment and the memories retained are never identical never fully intact.If I pick them out the videos of your mind pieces would be missing words deleted, changedand faces missing because the momentthey enter us that’s the moment the event changes. It distortsand becomesContinue reading “Time is dying.”


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