Life isn’t unfair.

Life isn’t unfairlife is unbiased. Human beings we wither within right and justifiedwrong and revengeful. Life just does it doesn’t determine perfect timing it just doesit makes mistakesmisses pieces of codesbecause it doesit doesn’t pick. We (humans) dive within trying to find links we separate ourselves out life just does it just exists as oneContinue reading “Life isn’t unfair.”

I’m really just here.

An exhausted state of beingoverwhelmed by mistakesthat only exist by those that created themtrying to find a fairness of lifein which doesn’t exist does it? There are ecosystemsfood chainsof smaller thingsexisting to feedthe larger thingsI often wonderdoes a bug exist to feed a racoon or to scatter the pollen of plantor has the racoon adaptedtoContinue reading “I’m really just here.”