You just keep trying to smile.

You are breathingyou know that because you can see it through the cold your hands are turning colors the needles settling in you know you must be alive even if you’ve seen yourself burieda nightmare manifested by the brain to damper the illness. Although the illness is make believe it’s the pressuresthat were invented notContinue reading “You just keep trying to smile.”

Breathing I can do.

Breathing I can do partially take in deep breathslet a few out apparently there is a proper waythrough the stomachI breathe through my chestit’s the human waythe complicated aspects of it allthe logistics of everythingwe can’t just breathewe can’t just relaxwe have to do it this waynot that waysit on a mat take deep breathslistenContinue reading “Breathing I can do.”

It’ll keep breathing.

I don’t knowwhat this life has planned I’m just alivethat’s what I know and in my death it’ll keep breathing as my heart stops other will continue to pumpand more will be discovered because life keeps growing it adds more as it deletes out parts that aren’t quite efficient creating foodfeeding upon each other. DoContinue reading “It’ll keep breathing.”