You just keep trying to smile.

You are breathingyou know that because you can see it through the cold your hands are turning colors the needles settling in you know you must be alive even if you’ve seen yourself burieda nightmare manifested by the brain to damper the illness. Although the illness is make believe it’s the pressuresthat were invented notContinue reading “You just keep trying to smile.”

Unique, the experience of life.

I have a difficult time being ok with it with most of it I wake up because I’m alive I’d rather stay asleep although to stop dreaming is incomprehensible to my brain how could I not exist I wouldn’t knowthe brain would stop and it would all stop? It’s that ideathat theory that beliefthat whenContinue reading “Unique, the experience of life.”

Dimensional, it a sphere.

There is a circle dimensional it is a sphere afloat out there other bodies drifted their hearts haven’t came in the sun hasn’t reachedhasn’t brought warmth and the life isn’t. That sphere out there living in lifestriving as it fallsas it missesand the minds upon it are thinking how do we escape it? Could theyContinue reading “Dimensional, it a sphere.”

Life isn’t unfair.

Life isn’t unfairlife is unbiased. Human beings we wither within right and justifiedwrong and revengeful. Life just does it doesn’t determine perfect timing it just doesit makes mistakesmisses pieces of codesbecause it doesit doesn’t pick. We (humans) dive within trying to find links we separate ourselves out life just does it just exists as oneContinue reading “Life isn’t unfair.”

Nothing is never happening

What if there is no real rest in death? What if deathis one long day that never ends? The sun is up burning down upon you your eyes are bloodshot and stung after the eyelids were removedbecause those are for resting useless here in deaththe eternal light that never ends. The light goes on andContinue reading “Nothing is never happening”