Time will not repair.

Taking the pliersopening the chest cavityand writing directly upon the heartetching in my initials leaving a message to never be forgotten even in my death. A rhythm created out of love changing the beatsand re-writing what makes the heart gain excitement and calm when needed. Mixing our liquid life a connection in which when onesContinue reading “Time will not repair.”

A rift.

There was a riftas bodies began to shiftbetween each partthere was no startjust a great expansionof time entering the mansionfrom one corridordown the hall the swaying of a doorand all the bodies began to meshfusing each others fleshand all the moments began to intertwineuntil there was no other moment in time. Thanks for reading. -TemperamentallyContinue reading “A rift.”

Time is dying.

Time is dying each second that passes is the end of that moment and the memories retained are never identical never fully intact.If I pick them out the videos of your mind pieces would be missing words deleted, changedand faces missing because the momentthey enter us that’s the moment the event changes. It distortsand becomesContinue reading “Time is dying.”

Often times when you’re frustrated.

Often times when you’re frustrated or upset over words spoken it’s because you lack the confidence in your own choices and it’s time to go into your brain picking it apart and telling yourself I do what I feel is right and if society finds fault that is their choiceas long as you don’t bringContinue reading “Often times when you’re frustrated.”

The results we want.

The results we wanttakes timetakes dedication takes motivation.Secondsminuteshoursdaysweeksmonthsyears of dedicationand we give what we’re able and we quitonly when we decideit isn’t worth it.Not because the resultsaren’t what we envisioned rather because our desirehas dissipatedand we’ve turned our attentions to new interests. Thanks for reading. -Temperamentally Tina

Time is clicking by just fine.

She had been crafting for yearsweaving together all their fearsa blue hatand a sculpture made of body fatear muffs to block the profanitiesa knitted sweater to shelter their insecurities shoes to shrink their swollen feetslimming garments to flatten what they eat. Her fingers have begun to curl under leaving her thoughts to ponder had sheContinue reading “Time is clicking by just fine.”