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The Earth is aching.

The Earth is achingbeneath the bodies standing upon it as all the feetand all the pawsdrag across the crust weighing deeper upon the land the Earth begins to crack. Bursting of rage the energy entering minds feeling the despair feeling the rage the bodies begin to break breaking themselves and others losing a sense ofContinue reading “The Earth is aching.”

A body of little importance.

A body of little importanceswept inbecause in the aspects of timemost of us are merely subjectsof little importancerarely inspectedjust a particle to slip throughthe black hole of spaceatoms uniting together againan accidentsimply a casualty of little importanceeventually becoming a case to studybecause how did they combinetogether again the same as before? Thanks for reading. -TemperamentallyContinue reading “A body of little importance.”

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