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There is no right life.

When I was young I wanted to save the world cure all the ills aid the homeless and dissolve the pain of othersand now I’m differentI see it’s more complicated rooted back to times I’ve never seen I’ve only read of. There has been change in small doses only we at heart are always theContinue reading “There is no right life.”

This human thing.

This human thing it feels wrongit feels like every thought is in conflict with another and I’m hunching over. The words claw in clutching on and this human thing is becoming unbearable will the words claw so deep the thoughts taring open my skin exposing bone releasing a river of blood? Every thought conflicts thisContinue reading “This human thing.”

You exist.

You exist that’s great I do as wellso does that person oh and that person over there and all the other animals. We’re really just an animal breathing eating trying to make sense of a universe that’s vastand the never ending makes us sick with frustration with curiosity that’s never filled. Killing each other forContinue reading “You exist.”

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