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To be numb to feeling?

I know sometimes people feel numb to feeling to thinking they just can’t as if their minds are on ice and the coldness is hardening their thoughts that can’t be chiseled out. I’m not numb to feeling I feel itI think it I don’t always want I don’t want to socialize I try to stay…

It fixes nothing.

Charity fixes nothing if it did then we wouldn’t be so broken we wouldn’t have homelessand the higher bits making the middle pick up the scraps from the tables and emptying change from their pockets. Which does nothingsolves nothing because it changes nothing the gesture cements the system reapplying to the cracksthat keep opening every…

Slip from the rules.

Could we just not do whatever we’re doing right now whatever we’ve done in the pastcould we just do something newdoes it exist stillthat concept of newso many ideas writtenso many rules placed can I scratch them outis it possibleto slip from the rulesand create something newI feel a sense of jealousy to those before…

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