It fixes nothing.

Charity fixes nothing if it did then we wouldn’t be so broken we wouldn’t have homelessand the higher bits making the middle pick up the scraps from the tables and emptying change from their pockets. Which does nothingsolves nothing because it changes nothing the gesture cements the system reapplying to the cracksthat keep opening everyContinue reading “It fixes nothing.”

Fear; an easy advertiser.

Fear is an easy advertiser a product to sellto cure a feelingthat cannot be shedrather bandaged till it scars. Fear makes a productfeel as if it is lifeand death is without it. Fear allows the level headed to be chained turned into weapons because fear is an impulse that we’re so quick to rid ofbutContinue reading “Fear; an easy advertiser.”

You just keep trying to smile.

You are breathingyou know that because you can see it through the cold your hands are turning colors the needles settling in you know you must be alive even if you’ve seen yourself burieda nightmare manifested by the brain to damper the illness. Although the illness is make believe it’s the pressuresthat were invented notContinue reading “You just keep trying to smile.”