The screen fills.

A knife to start a linea place to tare the skin to allow the thoughts to freebecause the bulkinessmakes thinking stiffand difficult to think it all out. A hand per each sidepulling the skin the thoughts become little creaturesslicking their legs about scurrying to get outpulling the part widerwider more. They make their way pushingContinue reading “The screen fills.”

Have you ever looked up?

It is a safety living in homesinhaling the airstuffy and filled of artificial life. The trees are fallinga branch misses meand I think something abovemust be thanked. Have you ever looked up? The clouds are changing smiling, some aregrinning a hateful glare, others are. They may not feelbut even they knowit’s endless darknessvastness that neverContinue reading “Have you ever looked up?”

A huge home down a sink hole.

Let me say thisyou’re not rightyou’re not wrong. Someone out therelikes yousomeone out theredoesn’t. You’re never rightyou’re never wrongeven murder is objective to who is rightand who is wrong. Fighting for survivalit’s a twisted place who side do you pick? Can I stand up and say no onenone of it? I don’t agree. Stop destroyingContinue reading “A huge home down a sink hole.”

Pushing my eyes from their sockets.

There is so much it’s living in hereand I can’t get it outbecause every thought I release creates several more to replace. It hurts when I thinkand I have to write it downIt’ll slip out tripping my feetclimbing it’s way back in through my ears again. I must write it down on paperand set itContinue reading “Pushing my eyes from their sockets.”

For now I’ll keep them home.

All these feelingsall the timeall these thoughtsthey just keep coming! My brain is fillingand my lungs can’t filter out all the water my eyes are forming that my skin is taking back inthrough the pores. I just can’t stop it all. I can’t control youI can’t control meI can’t control them. I’m terrified if IContinue reading “For now I’ll keep them home.”

You’re struggling.

You’re thinking over workedover tiredyou can’t sleepbecause you’re thinking.Did you speak the right words?Did you write down the right notes?A few pieces lost and you’re struggling because you’ve been taught perfection by an instructor that isn’t nor are youand you’re fighting. You’re screaming internally because these human traits are killing youthis need to listen butContinue reading “You’re struggling.”

I might feel differently.

I’m not going to be the same tomorrowas I am today.I might feel differentlyabout what provokes laughter in meand I might cry over something that once brought happinessbecause each day is different and our feelings they changethey adapt. I might find wordsI’ve used are insensitiveand at other times I may not even care if theyContinue reading “I might feel differently.”