Drawing collage-like art and a pumpkin head.

I’m trying to work on my drawing skill in which I’m often frustrated with the end result. Therefore I often turn to taking pencil to paper and not over thinking it. Drawing without a purpose to ease my frustrations. I’ve been working in grids recently. Gridding off the paper and drawing designs in each box.Continue reading “Drawing collage-like art and a pumpkin head.”

Odd drawings with color.

My mind is constantly thinking in which I’m constantly stressing myself out over everything. I’m also a scattered type in which one thought leads to another and I’m all over the place. Which makes it difficult in writing an actual book because I quickly flake off into another character and spin it into another story.Continue reading “Odd drawings with color.”

Drawings I’ve made recently .

My drawing skill is not at a high level, in which I have been practicing lately with my daughter watching tutorials as we draw together and both get the chance to enhance our skill as well as spend quality time together. Although I find it stressful to draw images that have to look a specificContinue reading “Drawings I’ve made recently .”