Who is winning?

Who is winning?I hear that term often.They’re winning!I ask who?Big Pharma!Filled of employees getting oldthey’re wrinkling.Our politicians!They’re getting old wrinkly skinthey’re aging. The big CEOs!They’re getting old they’re wrinkling.Congress!They’re getting oldthey’re wrinklingbodies enlarging minds are loosing all their thoughts slipping.I ask who is winning?The influencers!Always struggling for likesfor one more laugh enslaved by their homesContinue reading “Who is winning?”

The consumer should be ashamed.

The consumer must clean away the germsholding their breath to block the fumesopening the windows allowing the windto carry the toxins awayinfusing within the cloudsthe consumer is well awarea maska pair of glovesprotection is a must finding a place for the trash that pilesbecause the producer they only producesolving the waste and preventing the toxicityContinue reading “The consumer should be ashamed.”

All doors.

There are doors that allow you to open partially with chains as locksthat stop the doorfrom opening entirely allowing a peekyet never a staybecause some doorsdon’t allow access because allowing anybody in everybody in it’d get overcrowded.The same as a mind if it remembered everything and allowed each wordeach voiceeach faceto have a home withinContinue reading “All doors.”

We will swim through.

I’m going to be angryI’m going to complain I’m going to tell you what upsets meand I expect the same of youbecause hiding it should be saved for relationshipswith acquaintances. In a home we shouldn’t be quiet we shouldn’t hold in we shouldn’t hide away the parts that are rottedrather togetherwe can scrape off theContinue reading “We will swim through.”

Why should it matter?

Normal is selfish.Normal is asking…How are you?Then politely slipping awaybecause normal is showing we care and that we desire closeness.Although we rarely listen and we rarely want to know how you are. If it doesn’t give us a worthy sense of self.Posting pictures to give and receive praiseshowing that part of ourselvesand the others aroundContinue reading “Why should it matter?”

We see the red stain.

Redas it hits the airflowing with the tiltit stays within the indents. It dries eventually we see the staincleaners rough abrasivesscrub the thought till it dissappears only red stainsand if they look hard enoughthey’ll rememberIs memory enough to keep from repeating? Nonot when the emotionswe’re bled out and once doneit changes the mind breaking theContinue reading “We see the red stain.”