The struggle of thought.

I can be within a thoughtthat every moment is intenseand each should be cherishedthen within the moment afterI drift within the pointlessness the struggle of thought of the ability to thinkare thoughts more valuable then others? Do other animals thinkor is the capability of thoughtregulated to humansdoes that mean we are the most intelligentor isContinue reading “The struggle of thought.”

I think

I think.Every second is a thought,every moment is many.I’m changing within each hourbecause these thoughts are bulkyerupting within my mind.My views they start overevery time another speaks.I must rethink,try again.Trying to be politeas I rarely understandrarely graspwhat the many say.I listen I interrupt because I need to speakbefore I forget. Thanks for reading.-Temperamentally Tina

New is a longing.

Will it ever beas I want it to be?Each word shitterthan the lastand I’m stucknew ideasnever finishedleft partially executed slipping out of the brainthe pages not emptyalthough the words re-read come out pointlessnew is a longing in which keeps me deletingswitching because different is a difficulty in which I’m trying and I’m feeling is impossibleandContinue reading “New is a longing.”

We’re stopping here.

We’re walking backwardsstopping at a stand we bow to the worst of ourselvesthe worst of our pastthe worst of thosethat already hit death we’re becoming themreliving their hateclothing ourselves in their fearwe’re stopping hereand I have no explanation as to why? Why can’t we accept a newnesswhy can’t we live in a world that isContinue reading “We’re stopping here.”

Can’t explain itself.

Everything in, everything out.Shaking…The body is feeling. The brain is taking in,the brain is putting out.A response to the environment.Can the body relax?No it can’t,now always not every time.There are many words,many thoughtsand the still the brain can’t explain.It can’t tell the body why,why it feels the stress.It’s overwhelmed and can’t explain itself. Thanks forContinue reading “Can’t explain itself.”

I have thoughts I believe to be my owngoing back through conversations whom said it first,me or you? Are we all tied up together speaking wordswriting them downtrying to understand reading through researchI’ve been told the resolveyet I’m now curious on howwhat it felt to find what it felt to live through. The terror ofContinue reading

It’ll keep breathing.

I don’t knowwhat this life has planned I’m just alivethat’s what I know and in my death it’ll keep breathing as my heart stops other will continue to pumpand more will be discovered because life keeps growing it adds more as it deletes out parts that aren’t quite efficient creating foodfeeding upon each other. DoContinue reading “It’ll keep breathing.”