Overwhelmed by the stressof fingers pounding the keys the board frozesticking keys within placestopping as the human frantically repeated the thoughtseach word sticking in their mind trying not to forgetthe linethe human yelled out the computer stopped error overwhelmed with wordsthe human tried to sort out the computer lacking of emotion felt nothing except aContinue reading “Error”

My heart exhausted.

My heart… exhaustedpumping fastyet never enthusiasticallypumping on obligation and responsibility. My heart skipsone beatfaster it pumpsto carry its slack feeling the exhaustion starved of quietnesssuffering beneath its own beats. In it’s hallowed out homeit pounds about the wallscrying out to the brain abovethat it’s time to destressto take a mental breakto take a moment itsContinue reading “My heart exhausted.”

To be the universe.

To be the universeto be livingto be connectedto be it all. Livingbreathingcreating evolvingand finding morewithout the ability to retain personal thought. Connected by each lifeby each speciesdown to the smallest parasites and all the way to the parasitic lifeforms sifting the knowledge straight out of the crust of their planet as they travel beyondand intoContinue reading “To be the universe.”

It’s a parasite?

Can you explain what a soul is,do we need one,is it necessary?Is it like an appendix a ticking explosion without it you can live with it your a ticking bomb,shit how long till you explode? Please explain,is it an identity?Nobody has explained this to me.Can you live without it, I supposed right? It has noContinue reading “It’s a parasite?”

Wrestling with the many words.

She was thrown in the ringwrestling with the many wordsthat defined the sportroped off by civilized notions and laws she must followas she crawled beneath the ropeshe got twisted and flipped about stuck feeling the self worth being beaten out of her by each opponent she came acrossand all their thoughts slammed all of hersContinue reading “Wrestling with the many words.”

I am not excelling.

I am not excelling at this human thingin which I must make moneyand work harderand make less moneythan those with their putters shaking hands on the green.As I stand within buildingsas others search for the perfect shirt and perfect spanks as if a muffin top doesn’t existif it’s smotheredbeneath a shirtand I must smileand greetandContinue reading “I am not excelling.”

The heat of their breath.

The heat of their breath hit the coldness in the airand as the two hityou could see their breath heating up the Winter airas the wind growled pushing the snow in their faceas the icy ground gave outsending them within the cracksas the coldness took them overimprisoning them within a block of ice. Thanks forContinue reading “The heat of their breath.”