These two eyes.

Two feet upon a rockin which these two eyescannot see all at oncejust a small part of rock and looking up there is skyand looking down there is grass. I see human touch roads paved in cement houses leaking heatfeeling claustrophobic confined hereconfined by lawsconfined by human touch confined by human needconfined by human greed.Continue reading “These two eyes.”

Is there a way to count mistakes.

Is there a way to count mistakes to measure them to calculate in that of fact? We have this civilization these laws within boundarieslines on a map taken and fought each part with a set of lawsto referenceto determine our safety carried off by that of power is that fact? I think of mistakesand IContinue reading “Is there a way to count mistakes.”

I always think…

I always thinkI should be more. What is thatwhat is morewhat is better? They’re all thoughtsthat changefrom one thought to another from one brain out and in. Within a minuteit’s different because brains are articulating crunching the data trying to think. Each thought I feel lessless like it matters because I cannot fail because failingContinue reading “I always think…”