For now I’ll keep them home.

All these feelingsall the timeall these thoughtsthey just keep coming! My brain is fillingand my lungs can’t filter out all the water my eyes are forming that my skin is taking back inthrough the pores. I just can’t stop it all. I can’t control youI can’t control meI can’t control them. I’m terrified if IContinue reading “For now I’ll keep them home.”

The monsters standing about their ant holes.

As we fearthe monsters under our bedsand peeking through our closets,the insects fear the open spaceand the monstersstanding about their ant holes. With one swift kick breaking their life work murdering villages in one stomp as the monster goes back home without the guilt because to them insects are pestsand pests don’t matter. Pests shouldContinue reading “The monsters standing about their ant holes.”

The heart struggles to keep up.

All the fear resides within herea blunt instrument to relieve the tormentthat twists and releases its toxinsthroughout the circulatory system the heart struggles to keep upas the lacrimal glands secrete enough liquid to fill a cupas the lungs gaspbeneath the pressure as they collapse and yet the worries keep piling as the brain continues filingContinue reading “The heart struggles to keep up.”