Unique, the experience of life.

I have a difficult time being ok with it with most of it I wake up because I’m alive I’d rather stay asleep although to stop dreaming is incomprehensible to my brain how could I not exist I wouldn’t knowthe brain would stop and it would all stop? It’s that ideathat theory that beliefthat whenContinue reading “Unique, the experience of life.”

I thought it would disappear.

I thought it would disappear way deep inside me and at this I’d be different more comfortable less in a panic able to listen in group settingswithout my ears over heating and my brain glitching only it isn’t I’m still like this only now I can accept it and accept that others will make judgementContinue reading “I thought it would disappear.”

There is a heart it beats.

There is a heartit beatsand pushesit does its workforced by the bossthat is often over thought compressed within a prison of bone it hurts as it expands it can’t taking in information it rids of it words shreddedas others retained the truth isn’t because the brain it takes in and lets out retaining everything wouldContinue reading “There is a heart it beats.”