Indebted within gratitude.

I am grateful to be aliveI am thankful to what I haveand even so I know what there isand what there isn’t. All these sayings all these phrasesall these quotesto remind you to be happyto be thankfulto loveto giveto respectto not be selfishit’s as ifwe’re raised to be ashamed to feelour angerour frustration and ourContinue reading “Indebted within gratitude.”

I can’t leave the tape.

All this death murder, bullshitand nothing ever changes it just gets covered over slightly altered we just tape up the losses word it differently place more lawsjustifying our differences and the only thing different are the outer appearances. All this death all this hateall this loveamounts to nothing because we just keep taping it uptheContinue reading “I can’t leave the tape.”

Feeding the ground.

All the burdens of keeping at itof cleaning it up of having enough even if that’s speculation and not fact it creeps inwrapping the cordsof this structurearoundour wristsour necksour chestsour legsas we twistwe try to screamyour ears hearing the screamsmy ears taking it inand our brains blocking itbecause it’s realand it isn’t tangible it isIContinue reading “Feeding the ground.”

Falling into the sun.

Out the doorthere is open spaceif feels endlessit isn’tI can’t see it all at once all directions this Earth is roundit holds us alltill it doesn’t. It orbitswithin a systemheld by? it isn’tthe Earth is falling into the sunit missestill it doesn’t. Then wethen usthen money then values then morals then self worth then allContinue reading “Falling into the sun.”

I’m really just here.

An exhausted state of beingoverwhelmed by mistakesthat only exist by those that created themtrying to find a fairness of lifein which doesn’t exist does it? There are ecosystemsfood chainsof smaller thingsexisting to feedthe larger thingsI often wonderdoes a bug exist to feed a racoon or to scatter the pollen of plantor has the racoon adaptedtoContinue reading “I’m really just here.”

That parasitic thing.

I don’t believe if I die tomorrowI’ll go somewhere elsethis person I am will be no longerunable to thinkunable to bejust gone. Let’s say there is a souland I believe youeven if I don’t I’ll say I doand even then I’d still believe I will go nowhere. That parasitic thingit’ll detach from my bodyseparating toContinue reading “That parasitic thing.”