we try to define it
try to separate it
try to categorize it
try to define it.

Human is human
if it breathes
if it thinks
anatomically it is human.

We separate
classify it
disassociate aspects
as if this human
is better than that human
any human that breathes
any human alive
is using resources
is conducting mistakes
is pushing something someone else
into the dirt.

It’s all human
it’s all terrible
because that is human.

Hating any
to that of color
to that of size
to that of Country
is hating itself
because it’s all human
it is
we are all human.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I can’t keep awake.

I can’t keep awake
and when I am
I can’t keep my mind in place
it runs fast
and it stops my ears from listening
because the thoughts it thinks
are quick
and rarely stopping.

When I’m asleep
it stays busy
creating dreams
playing beneath my eyelids
and I can’t stay wake
can’t keep myself
thinking with purpose
rather my brain
changes the thought
and writes out the rest.

My body is exhausted
as it sleeps
my brain continues to creep
finding work
finding dreams to play
it can’t quit
it doesn’t rest
always thinking
till the very last.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

There isn’t my best.

There isn’t my best
there is just a portion that tries
a part that keeps doing things
keeps waking in the morning
keeps forcing me to sleep
keeps forcing me to eat
there isn’t my best
just a portion that tries.

A portion that combines words
hit up against the other portion
that hates structure
that hates authority
that hates any
that tells me how
and the part that listens
stumbling on the grammar
the other part
that tells me not to fix it
that tells me
the authority is shit
their rules are worthless now.

There isn’t my best
there are only parts of me
telling me to be nice
to be kind
to speak politely
and the other part
that asks
who decides what is nice
how can you be right
when there are voices
in every direction
how can you be your best
when opinions aren’t based within facts?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

My brain is drowning.

My brain is drowning
within this age of knowledge
the information is pulling it
weighting it down
it cannot come up
it’s forgetting the automatic tasks
breathe it tells the lungs
it had forgotten.

Opinions are spitting about
and the facts can’t counter enough
blocking a few particles
as the others enter
my brain is drowning
within all the saliva
flinging from their mouths
I can’t keep up
that is an opinion
not fact
I can’t justify
right and wrong
based off a feeling.

my brain drowns
it can’t quit
hands pulling at it
prodding it
keep it awake
keep it thinking
keep it fearing
pulling it out of the water
for the only bits that matter
are the words
of the ones I love.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

As if my brain has shut off.

I’m never certain
often feeling out
as if my brain
has shut off the part
that relates to everyone else.

A quick click
a face pops up
a few lines about parenting
about the dos and don’ts
and it all feels off
far from a place I can attach.

Schools don’t foster potential
or bring about a sense of security
brick and mortar
covered in red
victims turn into bullies
and bullies turn into victims
and I can’t feel a safety
in walls barricading children
within norms that cater to

On one side you’re born hating
if not of hate
your born in fear
and either way
there is little growth
books being burned
ashes in the air
and difference
is similarity
because either way
we’re forcing ourselves
our lives
our happiness upon each other.

There is several ways to live
several ways to reach happiness
and more ways to find success
that doesn’t equate to money.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina


shorten us
displaces our happiness
and changes what we could be.

how long to finish a task
how quickly to speak
how many words we shall know
how well we should write.

quitting before we finish
because of the limits
we put upon ourselves
what we expect
to what it could be
and we shut down
we quit
because we fear
that we will meet the requirements
we put upon our work

limit us.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I know this because of science.

My heart beats
I know this
because of science
I can feel it
I can check a pulse
through my wrist
I know I am alive
and I know I have a heart.

I can hold my breath
and let it out
I know I have lungs
I know this because of science.

I am alive
I can type
I can write
I can read
I can because of education
shared knowledge
because I conformed
to the standards of this civilization
I am alive here.

that of what I read
that of what I’ve been taught
I’ve been told
I’ve listened
and I equate this here
to be the only living realm
there is no me
anywhere but here
and when death comes
that’ll be it
nothing to answer to.

I do as I must to live
and accept myself now
and to leave this place
a little un-wrecked
shouldn’t that be our goal
to be better for those that will be
when we no longer are
instead of preparing for a journey
that’ll never come to fruition?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Breathing I can do.

Breathing I can do
take in deep breaths
let a few out
apparently there is a proper way
through the stomach
I breathe through my chest
it’s the human way
the complicated aspects of it all
the logistics of everything
we can’t just breathe
we can’t just relax
we have to do it this way
not that way
sit on a mat
take deep breaths
listen to calming music
all this shit
is why I’m not calm
all this extra
is why I can’t relax
why I over think
am I doing it right
sitting on a floor
sitting in the grass
no mat
I’m a savage
my mind keeps over thinking it
I feel ill in the brain
heavy in the heart
and poisoned
moving slowly
breathing sporadically
sickened by this human toxicity.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

We’ve been together.

We’ve been growing
we’ve been holding it in
we’ve been letting it out
we’ve been together.

Here we are speaking
here we are feeling
here we are living
here we are together.

Staying in our home
staying within our place of safety
staying in the comfort of us
staying in together.

We’ve been feeling our anger
we’ve been feeling our happiness
we’ve been feeling the frustration
we’ve been feeling here together.

Sharing the words
sharing the thoughts
sharing the laughter
sharing it here together.

It gets hard
it gets easy
it gets hard
it is all of it together.

Because together we are living
together we are fearing
together we know
one of us will outlast the other
it’s a painful thought
that together we don’t quite admit
because I know without you
I’ll feel a loneliness
that before you
was impossible.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

It’s open space.

I keep hearing words
no mouths around
nothing left to sew shut
no doors to open
no doors to close
it’s open space
standing outside
the words keep on speaking
no lips to come from
they’re just there
are the birds talking
no I don’t think so
are the words my own
a needle in one hand
the other against my lips
I feel the stitches
not a single missing
no words to slip
no words to escape
where are they now
I feel it
I hear it
I know it
I can’t stop thinking it
all the fears
I’ve never lived
but I fear it
I think it
I want it all gone
all the hate
I can feel it
heavily it rains
are the clouds slipping their secrets
it isn’t all the secretive is it
we all know
we all feel it
we all over think it
the moment our eyes open
what are we thinking
our brains filled of those around us
their words creating us
shaping our hearts
feeding us with their pain
shoveling it down throats
forcing us to relive it
to think it
to hear it
fear and hate
it intertwines
and regardless of the past
the enemy is whom
separates by appearance
rather then the inner most heart.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina