Holding the emotions like a pool of water.

Are we just a container
holding the emotions
like a pool of water
sensitive to drills
aging in rust
several holes
and we will leak?

I’ve applied the tape
over the years
the stickiness
has proven to be mediocre
letting loose
the emotions burst
a little happy
dissolves within the murky water.

The anger hiding in
the water it turned
a murky red
I can’t feel it differently
the levels of chlorine
can’t filter
can’t clean it
the toxicity is often high within me
and I try
bringing the happiness in
filling the water it leaks out
but when you’re mostly angry
it’s difficult to cleanse the water
without bursting first.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

the perfect love

There isn’t the perfect life
The perfect place to sit and listen
the perfect place to cuddle in
the perfect place to feel
there isn’t
there is life
this living part of us.

There is a place
we sit
we listen
we argue it out
I close my ears up
as I think of the words
and we feel unheard
angered at the thought
of not being wanted
because the living part in me
thinks through it all
feeling hurt
feeling confused
filled of words
that can be written
but when spoken
parts are often missing.

There isn’t the perfect life
the perfect place
the perfect love
the perfect person
there is you
there is me
there is love
I feel it
somedays I smother it beneath my anger
beneath the worries of the human-made
beneath the wars of the people scattered about
beneath the worry of losing
of your heart stopping
of the children slipping
I smother it beneath the worry
the part of me
thinking of the horrors of death
thinking that one day
I shall be ready
I won’t
thinking that the best for me
closing my eyes first
would be the worst for you.

There isn’t the perfect life
the perfect place
even with that thought
I can hear your heart
I can feel a relief
when I’m cuddled close
even if there isn’t perfect
and we aren’t the picture of it all
you are
and I am

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Life isn’t unfair.

Life isn’t unfair
life is unbiased.

Human beings
we wither within
right and justified
wrong and revengeful.

Life just does
it doesn’t determine perfect timing
it just does
it makes mistakes
misses pieces of codes
because it does
it doesn’t pick.

We (humans) dive within
trying to find links
we separate ourselves out
life just does
it just exists
as one living being
within billions.

Life forms like us (humans)
producing living births
and life forms dropping eggs
it doesn’t discriminate
all of it is living
and it just does
if we (humans) went extinct
life would not
it would continue.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

You over took your share?

I get so frustrated
so angry
so overwhelmed by life
and I think
why am I upset
why am I shouting
I’m happy
then why?

Then I break
a moment of quiet
my thoughts buzz it away
like billions of bees
and my ears they sting
as if the words
are coming form outside
no, they’re in here
this anger it’s me.

I must acknoledge
that there is enough
resources, land
for us all to share
enough food
for no stomach to know hunger
enough material for no body to go naked
there is enough
for every spot on the globe
resources to move
to share
to take and to give
that’s not economics.

has hungered us
a hunger that can’t be filled
as a person in a mansion
sits at a table fully fed
and still longing
for the perfect vacation home
wondering why the rest isn’t able
it couldn’t be
that you over took your share?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Did you quit?

Any of this is living
you’re breathing right?

You tried
and you failed
did you though
did you put it all in
did you?

If you died right now
would you die knowing you did
you wrote your most
you created everything
that could be plucked out
of that little brain of yours
did you?

Can you honestly say you tried
without hesitation
without writing for what would be read
for what would be rich
for what would tare you from the poverty
of this society?

Did you write
just to write
did you truly make what you could
or did you stop
based on the amount of reads
on the amount of likes
is that success?

Did you keep at it
did you make it happen
did you try
did you block yourself
because of the obsession of best
the word is objective
did you know?

So why?

Why did you succumb to the madness
that is the need for best
you quit
because why
because you need approval

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Don’t quit

You feel pain right now
you feel uncertainty
you feel exhausted
as if the serpent itself
has lifted its head out of the drain
slipping within the holes of you
wrapping its body amongst
that pink squishy part of you
leaving only the words
quit, submit
but wait
what if you do
and what if you’re wrong
what if there is life
after this?

If you give in
what if nothing
isn’t it
what if there is more?

The supreme dictator
shackling your soul
determining your eternity
you had more years left
before their judgement
before their ruling
you gave in sooner
now you’re there
awaiting their courts
feeling the ruling within you
what if there isn’t anything
but this
what if nothing
isn’t a gift you’ll get?

So rather than wallow
within all this deep hatred
and pain you’re feeling
enjoy this instead
find the parts that are worth
the pain you’ve put in
because nothing
isn’t a certainty.

live long
don’t quit
because nothing isn’t a certainty
and what waits is unknown
and the supreme dictator
shackling your soul
could be worst that the pain
of this living space.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

You feel mad right now

So you feel mad right now
and later it’s the same
that boiling sensation within you
all your thoughts
all your wants
screaming out
to the surface it burns
spit burns flesh
and you keep
because everything needs to listen
everything needs to know
because your feeling it
and it hurts
the temper
is splitting from you
entering their skin
through the wounds of the burns
and their spit
is smoldering
although you can’t stop
not yet
your brain is ignited
and it wont
it hurts
meditation isn’t
sitting listening to the calm
you can’t
you won’t
it’s ok scream
it’s ok be angry
just don’t smother
the happiness beneath it.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Nothing is never happening

What if there is no real rest in death?

What if death
is one long day
that never ends?

The sun is up
burning down upon you
your eyes are bloodshot
and stung
after the eyelids were removed
because those are for resting
useless here in death
the eternal light
that never ends.

The light goes on and on
without a bit of sleep
because you must live on
listening to your wrongs
hearing the voices.

All that damn light
the curtains are sheer
you can’t stop it
it’s always there
and nothing is never happening.

The lights are always burning
you can’t stop it
you can’t close your eyes
you can’t quit it
you’re always hearing it
thinking it
feeling it
an eternal life forever.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I don’t want

I don’t want
a great big house
a great big place
I don’t want.

I don’t want to earn your pay
I don’t want to listen to your rules
I don’t want to pretend to be free
yet confined by your wants
because you need the big house
the staff to direct
the floors you never sweep
the meals you never cook
the lawn you never mow
we’re enslaved by your wants.
as you speak as if nobody wants to work.

I don’t want to serve you
I don’t want to clean up for you
I don’t want to wash your sins
I don’t want to cover your bruises
I don’t want my needs
to be defined by your wants
as I service the floor
for a pay
that doesn’t cover needs
because your wants
out service us all
is that really economics?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina


In the water you are
capable you are not
the red in you
mixes with the water out
as your body quivers
the coldness is everywhere
and the hopeless thought
begins to be replaced
with the person in you
that is of a cruel thought
longing for the shark
to tare you
to rip the limbs
to eat on your flesh
because the coldness of the water
the loneliness that it feels
awaiting death
smothers the survival instinct
and even though your skin is tough
the shark bites
loosing a tooth
replacing it
swimming up
you survived it once
and it’s back
and you want to quit
you want to succumb to death
yet you know that death
is nothing if life
isn’t a struggle
so you swim faster
in search of the island
in which is your strength.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina