There is a heart it beats.

There is a heartit beatsand pushesit does its workforced by the bossthat is often over thought compressed within a prison of bone it hurts as it expands it can’t taking in information it rids of it words shreddedas others retained the truth isn’t because the brain it takes in and lets out retaining everything wouldContinue reading “There is a heart it beats.”

I don’t want your heart.

I don’t want your heartI already have my own and you wouldn’t be able to survive without your heart beating within your chestI’d never feel any rest if your eyes no longer opened and your hands no longer caressedevery part of me. Please keep it for yourself buried within the chest cavity in which itContinue reading “I don’t want your heart.”

A delicious heart.

Feeding the molesburrowing beneaththey peek out slowly then faster they climb spotting the flower in the grassdripping of its red liquidthey feednibbling to the rhythmic beat following that melody not daring to eat too much in fear of killing itbecause killing it would the mole lonely and unfilled on a forever search for a deliciousContinue reading “A delicious heart.”

My heart exhausted.

My heart… exhaustedpumping fastyet never enthusiasticallypumping on obligation and responsibility. My heart skipsone beatfaster it pumpsto carry its slack feeling the exhaustion starved of quietnesssuffering beneath its own beats. In it’s hallowed out homeit pounds about the wallscrying out to the brain abovethat it’s time to destressto take a mental breakto take a moment itsContinue reading “My heart exhausted.”

The shards of brain piercing my heart.

Humanity hits hardand I feel fragile.Every hit breaks another piece of glasssending it throughout my blood stream. The shards of brain piercing my heart.I feel the holes opening and their painful recovery to close,only to be opened again.I can’t break free of this humanity,of the make believe I have come to believe in, even ifContinue reading “The shards of brain piercing my heart.”

My heart can’t adjust to the demands.

“I need this…now!“The words always loudereach time they hit my earsand I’m tiredand my patience is dying with every thoughtand each step takento keep up with demandsand every wordthat slips from megrows crabbierand less relaxedbecause my minds overfilled and my heart can’t adjustto the demandsmy hearts the size of my fistswhich isn’t that largeand somehowContinue reading “My heart can’t adjust to the demands.”

Placing it upon the table.

My heart is full of pressurethat I cannot relievefrom where it’s at.I must remove itlet it decompressnot to long I wouldn’t want it to dry out. Placing it upon the table it’s smaller than I thought fragile and delicate I must not break it. DROP.Shit, I grab itseveral apologies slip. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. IContinue reading “Placing it upon the table.”

I function in make believe.

I function in make believewithin environmentsI’ve been told are real although all human-madeand scripted by the deadreadjusted until I failand when I doI’m left perplexed.Why do I care?It’s all pretend and I don’t agreewith most opinions I’ve heard.Still my heart feels fullnot in a feel good waymore in a my heart ate a rotted mealContinue reading “I function in make believe.”

A sickness inside.

It started off as an invasionships in the shape of opinions carrying words as cargomissiles shot offloaded of angst and hostility. Through the openings the missiles created the ships entered allowing the habitants to wanderoff the boats they went. As they drilled their words internallybusting open the doorsto the place the brain stayedthey began aContinue reading “A sickness inside.”