These two eyes.

Two feet upon a rockin which these two eyescannot see all at oncejust a small part of rock and looking up there is skyand looking down there is grass. I see human touch roads paved in cement houses leaking heatfeeling claustrophobic confined hereconfined by lawsconfined by human touch confined by human needconfined by human greed.Continue reading “These two eyes.”

This human thing is killing me.

I just feellike to much is in my headand I can’t cry it all outand I don’t feel like being this human thing that I am I feel it’s disgusting a monstrous condition to be. I’m always thinking of how to be politeof how to be safeof how not to fuck upand I’m always failingContinue reading “This human thing is killing me.”

This human thing.

This human thing it feels wrongit feels like every thought is in conflict with another and I’m hunching over. The words claw in clutching on and this human thing is becoming unbearable will the words claw so deep the thoughts taring open my skin exposing bone releasing a river of blood? Every thought conflicts thisContinue reading “This human thing.”

Humans are not facts.

WE are unsolvablebecause humans are not facts.Our databases are stored of opinions cluttered of numbers we consider statistics.Compiled to skew perception because the COLLECTor determines from whomwhat is collected.We are NOt FACTS.These minds of ours alter their data making it possible to stay on and not shut down.We are not TRUTH,we are not honestbecause humansliveContinue reading “Humans are not facts.”

I am not excelling.

I am not excelling at this human thingin which I must make moneyand work harderand make less moneythan those with their putters shaking hands on the green.As I stand within buildingsas others search for the perfect shirt and perfect spanks as if a muffin top doesn’t existif it’s smotheredbeneath a shirtand I must smileand greetandContinue reading “I am not excelling.”


Are we all prisonersof this civilization? The bars electrified by the memories of our pastsand each time a finger slipsour brains fry a little bit. Freedom is impossible when the bars are invisible and our currencyis paperbecause paper can set on fireand our currency is computer codebecause computer codecan be served to another. The onesContinue reading “Prisoners”

It’s just a part of human.

All the trash pile it in a landfilland the pains just cover with a pilland the thoughts erase with a hard fallas the others just stand there and stallshredding the evidence of actions altering the captions. History books are flawedand feeling that soon will be outlawedas the past speaksthe boards of the past creeksand weContinue reading “It’s just a part of human.”

Irrationality is welcome.

Artis not meant to be without flaw perfect linesare mechanical creations we are not robotsgears and linksour brains are organic our bodies flesh irrationality is welcome If we don’t wonderif we don’t question if we only create with the hope of perfection we will never growwe will never change we’d merely be a circuit boardContinue reading “Irrationality is welcome.”