These two eyes.

Two feet upon a rockin which these two eyescannot see all at oncejust a small part of rock and looking up there is skyand looking down there is grass. I see human touch roads paved in cement houses leaking heatfeeling claustrophobic confined hereconfined by lawsconfined by human touch confined by human needconfined by human greed.Continue reading “These two eyes.”

The feeling feeders.

They crawlthey get inthey get outnestling within the dirt. The feeling feedersexpand, growing largerthey want a releasethey want to speakand me listen and I can’tbecause I am not selfless. In the dirt they multiply eating the neighborhood taking it inletting it out in their squeaks they want us to listen their stories exhausting and I’mContinue reading “The feeling feeders.”

You are self centered.

You are self centered,selfish,and make everything about you. What?And you don’t?Saying those wordsjust speaks to methat you are all that matters.In other words You’re saying I am nothing and my feelingsrate beneath youbecause you are the center of the universe? There you go making it all about you again. Yes I am because I amContinue reading “You are self centered.”

She mixed vigorously.

In the bowlshe mixed vigorously each tear that droppedshe stirred fasterand as the laugher hitshe jarred itthe spit and alland slowlygentlyshe opened the lidand poured it into the bowl.As she heard the festering soundsof their anger coming out as gruntsshe collected their hurtful wordsand she poured them in.Everything sort of mixed into a pastegoing fromContinue reading “She mixed vigorously.”