Waiting to collect the thoughts.

Eyes gazed upmouth openedtongue outwaiting to collect the thoughtsas if the answers will slip within me finding their way in as if my brain could comprehend all of it. Even if the rain dropsheld the answerswould my brain be able to decipherbefore the acidate the thoughts away? Can we comprehendwhat happens after deathis it aContinue reading “Waiting to collect the thoughts.”

Pushing my eyes from their sockets.

There is so much it’s living in hereand I can’t get it outbecause every thought I release creates several more to replace. It hurts when I thinkand I have to write it downIt’ll slip out tripping my feetclimbing it’s way back in through my ears again. I must write it down on paperand set itContinue reading “Pushing my eyes from their sockets.”

This human thing.

This human thing it feels wrongit feels like every thought is in conflict with another and I’m hunching over. The words claw in clutching on and this human thing is becoming unbearable will the words claw so deep the thoughts taring open my skin exposing bone releasing a river of blood? Every thought conflicts thisContinue reading “This human thing.”

Bathe within our own thoughts.

If we serve ourselves first fill our ears with the sounds that allow the nerves to relaxmassage the tightness from our backsand bathe within our own thoughts we can awaken with our own self clarity and whomever is left struggling we together will be ready to help otherwise we will fail because we cannot provideContinue reading “Bathe within our own thoughts.”

The struggle of thought.

I can be within a thoughtthat every moment is intenseand each should be cherishedthen within the moment afterI drift within the pointlessness the struggle of thought of the ability to thinkare thoughts more valuable then others? Do other animals thinkor is the capability of thoughtregulated to humansdoes that mean we are the most intelligentor isContinue reading “The struggle of thought.”

I think

I think.Every second is a thought,every moment is many.I’m changing within each hourbecause these thoughts are bulkyerupting within my mind.My views they start overevery time another speaks.I must rethink,try again.Trying to be politeas I rarely understandrarely graspwhat the many say.I listen I interrupt because I need to speakbefore I forget. Thanks for reading.-Temperamentally Tina

I always think…

I always thinkI should be more. What is thatwhat is morewhat is better? They’re all thoughtsthat changefrom one thought to another from one brain out and in. Within a minuteit’s different because brains are articulating crunching the data trying to think. Each thought I feel lessless like it matters because I cannot fail because failingContinue reading “I always think…”

Placing the eggs in order.

It hurts in here I ask them to release the pressure It’s swollen because the little bugs are multiplying laying eggsat the thousandssprouting more thoughtsI’m trying to collect placing the eggsin order as if they’ll write a story seeded within my brain. Several lined upon the table I swat them to the floor stand upContinue reading “Placing the eggs in order.”