Ready to measure.

I have several sticks
laid about the floor
ready to measure the length
ready to fill
and overfill
this little space
grabbing out
the paper measurer
to determine the capacity
and I know it’s there
past what it can keep
so I cut a hole within my head
to let my skull open
and my brain breathe
filling the room
already overpacked
with all those thoughts
emptied my brain will never be
because each moment thinks another
and each thought sprouts
a thousand more
reusing words
because I live now
and now we live within structure
and the honor
to choose the words
to define an object
is over
because here and now
we only speak
for those that are gone
left to lay their sticks
within the rooms that have been built
by those before
filling their spaces
as if we cannot
create our very own
in which I split the sticks
breaking them
releasing their dust
and crumbling this place
because this place
can be ours.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

The power to create is within ourselves.

The hardest part about creating today
is that much has already been done
we live in parameters of the past
trying to fit within their outlines
holding up to what we’ve been told are the greats
taught in class
as who to inspire to be
we’ve forgotten
that the power to create
is within ourselves
skill can be taught
and trained
that doesn’t mean we can’t break away
and define ourselves
art of today
can break through the mold
and create it’s own style
why must we confine ourselves in
and mirror what once was great?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Processing noises and words.

I can hear it all
in my ears
read it all
each word
with my eyes
processing noises
and words
filtering it though the boss
that’s rarely satisfied.

This boss up here
it’s strict
it has demands
I’ve said fuck off several times
and it lets me know
through the pain in my head
making its way through
down to the burning in my toes
that it wont tolerate
my back talk.

I’m reading
I’m listening
I’m scanning the stories
all the faces in the news
all the words gathered
and my brain
it screams
reminding me
that stupidity isn’t rewarding
and being likeable
although affordable
will not be tolerable
because my brain doesn’t agree.

Funny is morbidity
it doesn’t like kittens
and puppies doing tricks
my brain doesn’t laugh
at babbling babies
dancing with a guitar
and it becomes tense
in social situations
in which it’s forced to deny
its atheist attitude
because those words
are everywhere
in the mail
left in piles of clothing
plastered in threads
blasted within socials
and I must smile
because I’ve been told that’s kindness
and my brain wonders
why do they get to speak
and we must remain silent?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Humans are not facts.

WE are unsolvable
because humans are not facts.
Our databases are stored of opinions
cluttered of numbers
we consider statistics.
Compiled to skew perception
because the COLLECTor
determines from whom
what is collected.
We are NOt FACTS.
These minds of ours
alter their data
making it possible
to stay on
and not shut down.
We are not TRUTH,
we are not honest
because humans
live within their illusions.
Behind screens
sharing perfect collections
of images
in which tears are only shed
when sympathy is to be gained.
Humans are not truth
they seek compassion
and they give it
to look human.
I laugh at the irony
because being human
is a kind of animal cruelty
that belongs to only us.
To only that animal that is human
and whichever choices
we make
we haven’t been able
to bleed it out of us
because that cruelty
has been growing
within us
at the birth
of intellectual thought.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Stitch the skin.

We can repair
stitch the skin
use glue when needed
staples that disintegrate
as the wound heals
but the blade
it’ll reach
different parts
different places
the skin pigmentation
lighter or darker
it doesn’t matter
because living things bleed
and humans
die for their ideals
because strength
has been miscommunicated
for centuries
and no matter the process
we always fail
to live within restraint.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Embracing the pavement.

There is this place
in which I can feel
my body embracing the pavement
and the smell of iron as my blood
drips leaving a corpse
for another to find
this place it’s very real
this place I’m speaking of
in which we spend our limited time here
preparing for a place
we can’t see
can’t feel
can’t hear
and in preparation
of that mythical place
we abandon our future kin
leaving them a place
that soon will be unlivable
because we’re worried
about an eternal afterlife
rather than fixing
rather than cleaning
rather than saving
no it’s not the soul that needs help
it’s the very real bodies
dying about us
as we stand about
saying “look up
our protector up there
is always right here with us.”

The deception in your words
I may decipher
in which what you meant is
I have no time to help
unless it’s noticed
and broadcasted
and it is me that is not at fault
for I am only me
and I am the victim
in which I must speak
and say the victim is all
and is no one
all at once
because it’s impossible
to decipher opinion and fact
they don’t correlate
and rather lets just say
we all could try
and admit
and mend
and help
and solve together
and when we cannot
we say we’ll try
and we’ll try and we’ll leave
leaving behind our journals
hoping the next generation
can solve
what we haven’t
lets just hope there is another
and I will say
I will try
I will
and I will more
and what I cannot
I’ll apologize
as I leave this place
for that’s all any of us can give.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I live here.

I’m not living for what may happen
I live for what is happening
this life right now
here in this place
in which I can think
in which I can feel
in which I can hear
in which I can smell
I can see
I live here
and even if I lost my senses
I would know this place is
and always has been real.

Rather than preparing for after
I choose to make the healthier choices
for this life to be longer lasting
and I don’t allow myself burdened
by an infinite dictator
because if it is true
there is life after this
count me out
if it’s ruled
by a so called creator
that created us in their image
I say no thanks
I’ll never be ready
to commit to that
for in death
I rather believe
there is no one left
to answer to.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Can we just live?

I’m going to die
You’re going to die
He’s going to die
She’s going to die
They’re going o die
It’s going to die
They’re all going to die…
Till then
can we just live?

We have opinions to give
ideals to push
thoughts to give
thoughts to take.

Living without fight
would be an impossibility
when each and every
is fighting the war of right.

My questions are these..
In death
who is the victor?
Does it matter then,
when you can’t think,
you can’t feel?
Does it mater then,
when we’re all dead?
Because our ideals
became our life
and living became
agony for all
because none of us is right
for all of us.
Will it matter then,
to be the most right,
when all is dead?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

The evil we evade is all of us.

The most painful thought
that clutches my brain
digging in
and replacing hope
is that the evil
we evade
is all of us.

There is no group
we could confine within cells
or burry within our soils
to vanish the evil
and live within purity
because humans are animals.

It’s not the rich alone
it’s not ethnicity
it’s not privilege
it’s not poor
it’s not a country
the evil it lives within all
and you can’t separate it out
because you might just be
confining yourself within a hole.

It’s everyone
it’s all of it
all the time
because our stress
our wants to measure up
obliterate our humility
because we want the best
to be the best
to be the right
not the wrong
and we will fight to be it
because destroying the opposing
allows us to create a perception
in which our right
is every bodies
because we’ve killed the rest
and that is not a place
I’d ever accept
so bury me with any.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I’m real because I can be.

I’m real because I can be
I have nothing to hide
no appearances to keep up
I’m just a nameless person
because I am not known
in a world of somebodies
writing off words
letting go of thoughts
existing here
the same as you
the somebodies
and all the others forgotten names
trying to exist
knowing they exist
and wondering is that enough?
and no
depending on your own worth
and what defines success
because it’s not a definitive
it’s a choice
a thought
that changes
between me
and to you
because we get to decide
what success is
and what defines us
as we are
and no you do not
have to listen to pop culture
and the biggest hits on the radio
to determine
what happy is
because sometimes
it’s the same
and other times it isn’t
for being human
means we get to think
and we get to determine
and we get to find us
and that is different
between person to person.

Thank for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina