Written within the pages of books.

Overlooking the extraordinariness of life is easy when the answers are all written within the pages of books digested by your eyes and shredded by your brain to keep the information from over piling. There is a wonder to this universe that we often forget we get trapped within thought within an arrogance that thereContinue reading “Written within the pages of books.”

To be the universe.

To be the universeto be livingto be connectedto be it all. Livingbreathingcreating evolvingand finding morewithout the ability to retain personal thought. Connected by each lifeby each speciesdown to the smallest parasites and all the way to the parasitic lifeforms sifting the knowledge straight out of the crust of their planet as they travel beyondand intoContinue reading “To be the universe.”


The universe is without a brain to hold the truth it finds. It creates life to answer what it cannot,the questions that keeps the universe expanding. That creation is an explorer finding answers that life needs to uncover.The truths they find causes their brains to pulsate and shed releasing the partsthe intelligent life cannot acceptContinue reading “Explorer”

If the universe is connected, then we are all connected?

If the universe is connected, then we are all connected?I want to break freeof that connection. I want to make art that isn’t of the past.I want to create newnot alter partsrather find entirely new partsas they did in the times before now.When they were giftedwith the newness of lifeof having fewer booksand fewer connectionsContinue reading “If the universe is connected, then we are all connected?”

You are self centered.

You are self centered,selfish,and make everything about you. What?And you don’t?Saying those wordsjust speaks to methat you are all that matters.In other words You’re saying I am nothing and my feelingsrate beneath youbecause you are the center of the universe? There you go making it all about you again. Yes I am because I amContinue reading “You are self centered.”

Knowledge is collected.

Knowledge is collectedshared and further investigatedas a common filler.The same as a dentist drills a toothand fills it with glass and quartzwe fill the holes in science with a complex mechanic the creator of it all. The same as a tooth science outgrows its filling.It falls out again the dentist fills the holeas our knowledgeContinue reading “Knowledge is collected.”

Life is a victim of uncertainty.

Searching for normalcyas life is a victim of uncertainty.Underestimating our own realitiesas the structure bleeds. With each applausedeeper they slip their claws. Trying to unmask the face involved in each case. If the universe had a face,would it resemble that of the human race?Is it energy that is sacred,exposed, and naked?No flesh to restrain it,andContinue reading “Life is a victim of uncertainty.”