Why should it matter?

Normal is selfish.Normal is asking…How are you?Then politely slipping awaybecause normal is showing we care and that we desire closeness.Although we rarely listen and we rarely want to know how you are. If it doesn’t give us a worthy sense of self.Posting pictures to give and receive praiseshowing that part of ourselvesand the others aroundContinue reading “Why should it matter?”

We see the red stain.

Redas it hits the airflowing with the tiltit stays within the indents. It dries eventually we see the staincleaners rough abrasivesscrub the thought till it dissappears only red stainsand if they look hard enoughthey’ll rememberIs memory enough to keep from repeating? Nonot when the emotionswe’re bled out and once doneit changes the mind breaking theContinue reading “We see the red stain.”

The power to create is within ourselves.

The hardest part about creating today is that much has already been donewe live in parameters of the past trying to fit within their outlines holding up to what we’ve been told are the greats taught in classas who to inspire to be we’ve forgotten that the power to create is within ourselves skill canContinue reading “The power to create is within ourselves.”

Processing noises and words.

I can hear it allin my ears read it all each wordwith my eyesprocessing noisesand wordsfiltering it though the bossthat’s rarely satisfied. This boss up hereit’s strict it has demandsI’ve said fuck off several times and it lets me know through the pain in my headmaking its way through down to the burning in myContinue reading “Processing noises and words.”

Humans are not facts.

WE are unsolvablebecause humans are not facts.Our databases are stored of opinions cluttered of numbers we consider statistics.Compiled to skew perception because the COLLECTor determines from whomwhat is collected.We are NOt FACTS.These minds of ours alter their data making it possible to stay on and not shut down.We are not TRUTH,we are not honestbecause humansliveContinue reading “Humans are not facts.”

Stitch the skin.

We can repairstitch the skin use glue when neededstaples that disintegrate as the wound healsbut the bladeit’ll reach different partsdifferent places the skin pigmentation lighter or darkerit doesn’t matterbecause living things bleedand humans die for their idealsbecause strength has been miscommunicated for centuries and no matter the processwe always fail to live within restraint. ThanksContinue reading “Stitch the skin.”

Embracing the pavement.

There is this placein which I can feelmy body embracing the pavement and the smell of iron as my blooddrips leaving a corpse for another to findthis place it’s very real this place I’m speaking ofin which we spend our limited time here preparing for a place we can’t seecan’t feelcan’t hearand in preparation ofContinue reading “Embracing the pavement.”