Nothing is never happening

What if there is no real rest in death? What if deathis one long day that never ends? The sun is up burning down upon you your eyes are bloodshot and stung after the eyelids were removedbecause those are for resting useless here in deaththe eternal light that never ends. The light goes on andContinue reading “Nothing is never happening”

Points accumulated.

There is nothing to win the rich they still get sicktheir bodies ageskin wrinkles there is nothing to win. Wealth is fictional deposited within accountsbefore it was paperand now it’s digital a few clicksmoney is therea few clicks money is goneit wins nothing. Depression isn’t defeatedby wealthit isn’t brought to a stop our brains can’tContinue reading “Points accumulated.”

I think of nothing.

When I’m in the quiet and my thoughts are left alone to think that’s when the thought of death creeps in and the idea of nothing terrifies me confuses me. I think of nothing closing my eyes and even then I can seeimages my brain projectsmemories I’ve rememberedideas I create pictures that play I can’tContinue reading “I think of nothing.”

The struggle of thought.

I can be within a thoughtthat every moment is intenseand each should be cherishedthen within the moment afterI drift within the pointlessness the struggle of thought of the ability to thinkare thoughts more valuable then others? Do other animals thinkor is the capability of thoughtregulated to humansdoes that mean we are the most intelligentor isContinue reading “The struggle of thought.”