Is there a way to count mistakes.

Is there a way to count mistakes to measure them to calculate in that of fact? We have this civilization these laws within boundarieslines on a map taken and fought each part with a set of lawsto referenceto determine our safety carried off by that of power is that fact? I think of mistakesand IContinue reading “Is there a way to count mistakes.”

I’m really just here.

An exhausted state of beingoverwhelmed by mistakesthat only exist by those that created themtrying to find a fairness of lifein which doesn’t exist does it? There are ecosystemsfood chainsof smaller thingsexisting to feedthe larger thingsI often wonderdoes a bug exist to feed a racoon or to scatter the pollen of plantor has the racoon adaptedtoContinue reading “I’m really just here.”

Irrationality is welcome.

Artis not meant to be without flaw perfect linesare mechanical creations we are not robotsgears and linksour brains are organic our bodies flesh irrationality is welcome If we don’t wonderif we don’t question if we only create with the hope of perfection we will never growwe will never change we’d merely be a circuit boardContinue reading “Irrationality is welcome.”

Our greatest mistake: Asking the question how can this be easier?

We shove people into boxesas if they’re nothing more than a simple displaytelling stories out of dismayyet each movie and television showare riddled of stereotypesmaking a villain as if everyone is narrowminded and only a certain mind can see it all yet our questions are the samehow can I prolong this one more dayand ourContinue reading “Our greatest mistake: Asking the question how can this be easier?”