I don’t want to be in debt to this.

I don’t want to be in debt to thisto a thoughtto a territorial institution to an idea of Countryto an idea of people. I must work to pay out for waterfor foodfor electricity for heatfor shelterupon land that once was finder keepersthen claim for the slaughternow we think we have it rightpaying for parcels ofContinue reading “I don’t want to be in debt to this.”

I don’t hate people.

I don’t hate people nor am I disappointed in usI feel we’ve evolved and we have more space to grow and to changeand make better decisions and I have faith we willand I know there will always be those that want morethat take morethat own morethat build morethat take more than neededto flaunt itwhile givingContinue reading “I don’t hate people.”

An immortal elixir.

People are dying.And?People are fucking dying!Are people not supposed to die?Is there an elixir I’m unaware ofthat allows a person to live forever?I don’t think so.Alright then people are going to dieand if there was an immortal elixir people would still diebecause not everyone can live forever and in a society of social classes it’sContinue reading “An immortal elixir.”

People reacting and building.

Is the sun losing its heatall the voices on repeat are our tears acidic breaking the atmosphere our skin is covered in moles as we rake fire over the coals. To much clutterthe dump trucks puttertake the whole load some of it will corrode as the birds get caught in circlesturning purple less birds toContinue reading “People reacting and building.”