I’m really just here.

An exhausted state of beingoverwhelmed by mistakesthat only exist by those that created themtrying to find a fairness of lifein which doesn’t exist does it? There are ecosystemsfood chainsof smaller thingsexisting to feedthe larger thingsI often wonderdoes a bug exist to feed a racoon or to scatter the pollen of plantor has the racoon adaptedtoContinue reading “I’m really just here.”

My brain is drowning.

My brain is drowning within this age of knowledgethe information is pulling itweighting it down it cannot come up it’s forgetting the automatic tasksbreathe it tells the lungsit had forgotten. Opinions are spitting aboutand the facts can’t counter enough blocking a few particlesas the others entermy brain is drowning within all the saliva flinging fromContinue reading “My brain is drowning.”

I might feel differently.

I’m not going to be the same tomorrowas I am today.I might feel differentlyabout what provokes laughter in meand I might cry over something that once brought happinessbecause each day is different and our feelings they changethey adapt. I might find wordsI’ve used are insensitiveand at other times I may not even care if theyContinue reading “I might feel differently.”

Can’t explain itself.

Everything in, everything out.Shaking…The body is feeling. The brain is taking in,the brain is putting out.A response to the environment.Can the body relax?No it can’t,now always not every time.There are many words,many thoughtsand the still the brain can’t explain.It can’t tell the body why,why it feels the stress.It’s overwhelmed and can’t explain itself. Thanks forContinue reading “Can’t explain itself.”

Living in my brain.

Living in my brainhas been difficult I’d rather be herethan there or anywhere else although it hurtsalways taking in listening trying to interrupt to get a word out a thoughtthrown amongst the restit feels anxious and upsetit gets angered when all noises hit at once and the quiet is obliterated it swells upand it burstsContinue reading “Living in my brain.”


Overwhelmed by the stressof fingers pounding the keys the board frozesticking keys within placestopping as the human frantically repeated the thoughtseach word sticking in their mind trying not to forgetthe linethe human yelled out the computer stopped error overwhelmed with wordsthe human tried to sort out the computer lacking of emotion felt nothing except aContinue reading “Error”

Conversations don’t connect.

Conversations don’t connectas if there is a wire in my brainthat has been severedand no current can get through. When people speakthe signal is often weakand my ears they can’t carry all the words chopping a few through as the rest fall outand tumble out never entering my brain. I feel overwhelmed trying to fillContinue reading “Conversations don’t connect.”