Is this reality?

Is this reality or is this the fictionalized realmthat we’ve projected in our deaths? A collective unitlives playing on screens and the thoughts we think they’re that of everything that’s why I worry that’s why we go insane because that is sanity realizing reality isn’t this. I spent every thought trying to understand everything tryingContinue reading “Is this reality?”

Weeding through reality and image.

Weeding through reality and image the roots have tangled and begun to grow together as a selfie is taken with a smile held up by the stem. The flowers open for the light to soak in the perfect glow because the image of happy and success must be captured and always shared. As the sunContinue reading “Weeding through reality and image.”

If others can’t see us smile how do we prove we are?

There is a need to be enjoyedto be taken in as if entirely alone in the smallest portion of Earth detached from our technological appendages we may not exist. If others can’t see us smilehow do we prove we are?If we cannot capture the eventhow do we reason it happened?If we are not liked thenContinue reading “If others can’t see us smile how do we prove we are?”

Trapped within internalization.

She took three spinsand her brain blurred internally she turned as outside of her maintained its broken statureon the third spin her brain regained focus and took her over telling her a storyand she tried to regain herselfher focus on the external world laughing with each picture she had internalized no her brain wasn’t feedingContinue reading “Trapped within internalization.”