Falling into the sun.

Out the doorthere is open spaceif feels endlessit isn’tI can’t see it all at once all directions this Earth is roundit holds us alltill it doesn’t. It orbitswithin a systemheld by? it isn’tthe Earth is falling into the sunit missestill it doesn’t. Then wethen usthen money then values then morals then self worth then allContinue reading “Falling into the sun.”

Your body floats within space.

I never set my dinner tablenestled within a small kitchen rather I omit it from the routinesitting upon the floorin a carpeted living room taking in breakfastlunch dinerand the snacks between because formal I am not. I use a forkand a spoonthe size dependent upon how much I want to shovelin at onceand lobster isn’tContinue reading “Your body floats within space.”

As they take off into space.

I’ll live more simple as they take off into spaceI’ll hunker down heresparingly taking the foodfor my family paying the mortgage of a small home as they ride the rocket ship I’ll drive a simple carto and from work home I’ll come back to as they walk off a rocket tears in their eyes asContinue reading “As they take off into space.”