Can we just live?

I’m going to dieYou’re going to dieHe’s going to dieShe’s going to dieThey’re going o die It’s going to dieHe/She/Them/They They’re all going to die…Till then can we just live? No…We have opinions to give ideals to push thoughts to givethoughts to take. Living without fight would be an impossibility when each and everyis fightingContinue reading “Can we just live?”

The evil we evade is all of us.

The most painful thought that clutches my brain digging in and replacing hope is that the evil we evade is all of us. There is no group we could confine within cellsor burry within our soilsto vanish the evil and live within purity because humans are animals. It’s not the rich aloneit’s not ethnicity it’sContinue reading “The evil we evade is all of us.”

I’m real because I can be.

I’m real because I can beI have nothing to hideno appearances to keep upI’m just a nameless person because I am not known in a world of somebodies writing off wordsletting go of thoughts existing herethe same as youthe somebodies and all the others forgotten names trying to exist knowing they exist and wondering isContinue reading “I’m real because I can be.”

The feeling feeders.

They crawlthey get inthey get outnestling within the dirt. The feeling feedersexpand, growing largerthey want a releasethey want to speakand me listen and I can’tbecause I am not selfless. In the dirt they multiply eating the neighborhood taking it inletting it out in their squeaks they want us to listen their stories exhausting and I’mContinue reading “The feeling feeders.”

They all spoke.

They all spokemany wordsand they all wrote them down quickly and with passion feeling a matter of connectivity liking is what they didand posting pictures of their dayscommenting and sharingand when they met face to facethey’d smile with a how is your day?an expectation of one wordgoodand when more was sharedthey courtessly exited the conversation.Continue reading “They all spoke.”