We’ve been together.

We’ve been growing we’ve been holding it in we’ve been letting it outwe’ve been together. Here we are speaking here we are feelinghere we are livinghere we are together. Staying in our home staying within our place of safety staying in the comfort of usstaying in together. We’ve been feeling our angerwe’ve been feeling ourContinue reading “We’ve been together.”

Wealth isn’t going to fix it.

Everyone is destroying the planet wealth is not heroicwealth isn’t going to fix it. The more moneythe more travelthe faster the carthe bigger the housethe bigger the wardrobe the fancier the food. Look down upon thosewith less wealth clothing a family of four for the amount you pay on one dressmocking those with holes inContinue reading “Wealth isn’t going to fix it.”

Points accumulated.

There is nothing to win the rich they still get sicktheir bodies ageskin wrinkles there is nothing to win. Wealth is fictional deposited within accountsbefore it was paperand now it’s digital a few clicksmoney is therea few clicks money is goneit wins nothing. Depression isn’t defeatedby wealthit isn’t brought to a stop our brains can’tContinue reading “Points accumulated.”

Waiting to collect the thoughts.

Eyes gazed upmouth openedtongue outwaiting to collect the thoughtsas if the answers will slip within me finding their way in as if my brain could comprehend all of it. Even if the rain dropsheld the answerswould my brain be able to decipherbefore the acidate the thoughts away? Can we comprehendwhat happens after deathis it aContinue reading “Waiting to collect the thoughts.”

Have you ever looked up?

It is a safety living in homesinhaling the airstuffy and filled of artificial life. The trees are fallinga branch misses meand I think something abovemust be thanked. Have you ever looked up? The clouds are changing smiling, some aregrinning a hateful glare, others are. They may not feelbut even they knowit’s endless darknessvastness that neverContinue reading “Have you ever looked up?”

A huge home down a sink hole.

Let me say thisyou’re not rightyou’re not wrong. Someone out therelikes yousomeone out theredoesn’t. You’re never rightyou’re never wrongeven murder is objective to who is rightand who is wrong. Fighting for survivalit’s a twisted place who side do you pick? Can I stand up and say no onenone of it? I don’t agree. Stop destroyingContinue reading “A huge home down a sink hole.”

Pushing my eyes from their sockets.

There is so much it’s living in hereand I can’t get it outbecause every thought I release creates several more to replace. It hurts when I thinkand I have to write it downIt’ll slip out tripping my feetclimbing it’s way back in through my ears again. I must write it down on paperand set itContinue reading “Pushing my eyes from their sockets.”