Dimensional, it a sphere.

There is a circle dimensional it is a sphere afloat out there other bodies drifted their hearts haven’t came in the sun hasn’t reachedhasn’t brought warmth and the life isn’t. That sphere out there living in lifestriving as it fallsas it missesand the minds upon it are thinking how do we escape it? Could theyContinue reading “Dimensional, it a sphere.”

Is there a way to count mistakes.

Is there a way to count mistakes to measure them to calculate in that of fact? We have this civilization these laws within boundarieslines on a map taken and fought each part with a set of lawsto referenceto determine our safety carried off by that of power is that fact? I think of mistakesand IContinue reading “Is there a way to count mistakes.”

Holding the emotions like a pool of water.

Are we just a container holding the emotions like a pool of watersensitive to drillsaging in rustseveral holesand we will leak? I’ve applied the tapeover the years the stickiness has proven to be mediocre letting loose the emotions bursta little happydissolves within the murky water. The anger hiding in the water it turneda murky redIContinue reading “Holding the emotions like a pool of water.”

Life isn’t unfair.

Life isn’t unfairlife is unbiased. Human beings we wither within right and justifiedwrong and revengeful. Life just does it doesn’t determine perfect timing it just doesit makes mistakesmisses pieces of codesbecause it doesit doesn’t pick. We (humans) dive within trying to find links we separate ourselves out life just does it just exists as oneContinue reading “Life isn’t unfair.”

You over took your share?

I get so frustrated so angryso overwhelmed by lifeand I think why am I upsetwhy am I shouting I’m happy then why? Then I break a moment of quietmy thoughts buzz it awaylike billions of beesand my ears they stingas if the wordsare coming form outsideno, they’re in here this anger it’s me. I mustContinue reading “You over took your share?”