For now I’ll keep them home.

All these feelingsall the timeall these thoughtsthey just keep coming! My brain is fillingand my lungs can’t filter out all the water my eyes are forming that my skin is taking back inthrough the pores. I just can’t stop it all. I can’t control youI can’t control meI can’t control them. I’m terrified if IContinue reading “For now I’ll keep them home.”

You’re struggling.

You’re thinking over workedover tiredyou can’t sleepbecause you’re thinking.Did you speak the right words?Did you write down the right notes?A few pieces lost and you’re struggling because you’ve been taught perfection by an instructor that isn’t nor are youand you’re fighting. You’re screaming internally because these human traits are killing youthis need to listen butContinue reading “You’re struggling.”

I might feel differently.

I’m not going to be the same tomorrowas I am today.I might feel differentlyabout what provokes laughter in meand I might cry over something that once brought happinessbecause each day is different and our feelings they changethey adapt. I might find wordsI’ve used are insensitiveand at other times I may not even care if theyContinue reading “I might feel differently.”

I think of nothing.

When I’m in the quiet and my thoughts are left alone to think that’s when the thought of death creeps in and the idea of nothing terrifies me confuses me. I think of nothing closing my eyes and even then I can seeimages my brain projectsmemories I’ve rememberedideas I create pictures that play I can’tContinue reading “I think of nothing.”

Choke on the words.

I am not blessed and your words are only that I smile at it I listen without response. I’m atheistfor that I must choke on the wordsbecause religion is everywhereon the countersas I wash my handspamphlets buried in piles of clothesI must fold in our lawsin our regulations. I must choke on it. Your inspirationContinue reading “Choke on the words.”

Happiness is shared?

Thought brings out righteousnessand beliefs make people believethey’re universal and their happiness is sharedalthough your desires and mine differand what provokes happiness in youfrustrates me. A higher power raises more questions in mewithout answers for you, you find safety and solace in letting GOD guide you for me I guide myself and respect in theContinue reading “Happiness is shared?”