Guppies in the pond.

A calm posture
replaced by complicated matters
collections adding on
more guppies in the pond
and you feel overwhelmed
not enough supplies to go around
because it’s tied up in the hands of cons
you’ve pulled seven guppies out
that one has an ugly snout
with your crafty hands it’ll be workable
to bad for them they were gullible
believing you had several cures
you did only they’re meant to dissolve your fears
chop chop that flesh
will be perfect for a reset
looking down at the calluses
long hours building the betters houses
this guppy is for you
off the books your employer wont have a clue
the other six you’ll dissect
and pull out their intellect
placing it within the brains of the uppers
fed to them through their suppers.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

I shovel myself out.

All these standards to live by
all these standards to fall beneath
I shovel myself out several nights a week
buried by perfectionists
buried by misconceptions
the dirt has reached my lungs
I exhale dust
I feel ok
no forget that I feel exceptional
I feel freed
as I say never
I don’t want the tombstone
caskets are hazardous to natural decomposing
I won’t compromise this
don’t spend the money at a crematory either
just light my body on fire
and piss all over it
isn’t that what we all do metaphorically
what’s ok for you
shall never be ok for me
and vice versa
yea I’ll never lie
I’m not above gossip
if only I was a class above the standards
instead I’ll invest in a better shovel
and a vacuum
to decompress my lungs
in order to stand another day.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

As if your a truth teller.

They’re so fake
that’s a large mistake
claiming others as liars
and living beneath a lower bar
as if your a truth teller
your level of oxygen is bringing us under
all that air compressing out your lungs
it’s time all your lies have been hung
there is to many to be rung out
enough water to adverse a drought
partaking within politics
there are so many take your pick
many lies that have settled within their eyes
I believe they believe their eyes no longer cry
building a life built on the worlds mandates
so far in they have no escape
and they post pictures of happiness
repost quotes of sappiness
to their spouses
lost within houses
and most stop living to be something new
instead the goal is forgetting the lonely few
forgetting their mistakes
for all they know is to be fake.

Time is clicking by just fine.

She had been crafting for years
weaving together all their fears
a blue hat
and a sculpture made of body fat
ear muffs to block the profanities
a knitted sweater to shelter their insecurities
shoes to shrink their swollen feet
slimming garments to flatten what they eat.

Her fingers have begun to curl under
leaving her thoughts to ponder
had she wasted her time
in service to others making sure they were fine.

A clock on the wall
click click it had begun to stall
broken again
she grabs a cane she bought for a bargain
forcing her feet to stand
on the wall she places a hand
crack crack
she hit it with a loud whack.

She turned it around it let out a brief sound
no backing to be found
a quick shock
she had to regain thought
her left hand numb
I hate this clock it’s so dumb
she banged it on the ground
grabbing her cane to knock it around.

“Grandma stop that!
It is a fucking rat!
Your blind
time is clicking by just fine.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Be kind.

Be kind
he held the bumper sticker up this time
he smirked
holding up a fork
you mean I should be kind
and your free to unwind
as long as everyone else is being respectful
you don’t have to follow the same rule
he shook his head naw
if you keep pulling your wrists they’ll go raw.

It wasn’t until recently had I realized
I don’t care to stay civilized
you’ve never behaved as you told others how
and I’ve never been the type to eat a cow
recently my hunger has been unattainable
and honestly unpredictable.

Watching you with those signs
I felt a waste of time
It’s ironic I’ve seen you outside
many times I’ve taken that ride
yet you have no bumper stickers promoting an orphanage
nothing stating get these kids adopted
I thought all life mattered
I suppose not all life is flattered.

He turned on the oven
do you know how high to cook a human
hmm… I suppose I could search it
would I be flagged real quick
naw they’re to busy collecting data
to sell me this new claw
it’s shiny and hooks fantastically
thank you he chuckled as the woman stared frantically.

It’s not delicious and defiantly coarse
he chewed the taste only became worse
eating the evidence was a mistake
would the fat mix well in a cake
he shook his head this shit is disgusting
as his stomach began erupting
I definitely wasn’t thinking
next time I do this without drinking.

Thanks for reading.
Temperamentally Tina

The flower grew.

Every channel played a reminder of a time before
a constant reminder of the moments of now
always trapped within the thoughts of how
she made a decision
a precise incision
the projector continued to play
turning off the power would allow her to stray
legally they couldn’t switch off her power
instead they planted seeds to grow a flower
the flower grew
bright and blue
tampering with the circuit boards
replanting memories and strengthening cords
slowly she transformed
and forgot about the memories that turned
until her ears fully ripened
ready to open
and soaked in the knowledge of a time before
rotting out the flower to it’s center core.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

The brain busily cleans it away.

Our brains retain every moment
unless its deemed to be waste
in which the brain
busily cleans it away
wiping it’s existence
triggering us to move forward
without a memory of why
sometimes what our brain determines waste
are still active within other minds
memories some brains claim empty and wasteful
other brains feed upon
because what empowers one person
may not empower another.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina


is a thought birthed by torment
people are below
if they weren’t kept low
who’s blood would fill their glasses
who would make the paper to wipe their asses
who’s sweat would coat the plates of the richest
and when they do slip who would be there with the stitches
when the others decide
they’ve hit their stride
and it’s time for them to live below
in which they crouch real low
and realize entitlement
is a term used to mask the true torment
that the ones above
are all out of love.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Giving life to Ambivalence.

Anger is their name
their fists are enlarged
always clutched and ready
to target their nemesis happy.

Happy is the one with the wide eyes
and the dopey look
always laughing
as if they’ve bathed
in a bath of happy oils.

Anger with it’s red face
and it’s enlarged blood vessels
shakes it’s fists
“If you don’t stop happy I’ll punch you!”

Chuckling happy moves side to side
“Give it a try.”
Happy says with a wide smile.

Anger aims on the ready
Happy with it’s quick side step
leaps out of the way
“Better luck next time.”

Anger unleashes it’s all
Happy is spun around
falling into anger
the two slowly kiss
and give life to Ambivalence.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Shatter the standards.

Shatter the standards
with this hammer splattered in words
crack damn that was easy
is that liquid red or clear?

Everywhere I go I hear the frustration
it’s within me
it’s within you
it’s within them
it’s within us all
I hear it
I pause
don’t get angry today
are they here in this store
then they’re miserable that’s clear.

I look around
there are cameras everywhere
who’s winning this
I’d love to know the true victor
the lonely one
going home
with a smile
no pressure
that’s impossible
are we your dolls
spin us up
let us loose
watch our fights
let us work it out
for what
for your pleasure
for your home?

All the dolls on the street
abrupt hit
slow it down
restock the shelves
it falls you ass plant to the ground
we do it for us
we do it for them?

They gave us this place
they gave us our jobs
to pay us for our service
thanks for the check
I have several cards at limit
we were made to be their doormat
free will
movies to drive our goals
make us believe we need it all
dangling better on a string
laughing as you fill your mansions
knowing we belong to all of you
the one thing I’m unsure of
is who you all really are?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina