The power to create is within ourselves.

The hardest part about creating today is that much has already been donewe live in parameters of the past trying to fit within their outlines holding up to what we’ve been told are the greats taught in classas who to inspire to be we’ve forgotten that the power to create is within ourselves skill canContinue reading “The power to create is within ourselves.”

The aches of belonging.

Her bellybutton stungpulled tight and tighterthe cordit was red, her bellybutton.Although her eyes couldn’t see itshe knew it was therethat longing attachment to belong with Earthand the rest of life. If it’s invisible could it be severed?Anything could be right?Even if it cannot be seen she gave it a trypulling out a sharp knifeshe beganContinue reading “The aches of belonging.”

If the universe is connected, then we are all connected?

If the universe is connected, then we are all connected?I want to break freeof that connection. I want to make art that isn’t of the past.I want to create newnot alter partsrather find entirely new partsas they did in the times before now.When they were giftedwith the newness of lifeof having fewer booksand fewer connectionsContinue reading “If the universe is connected, then we are all connected?”

Life only knows to create.

When I close my eyesno matter the number of ties to this lifethere will only be disconnect emptiness a brains sending impulses as the body takes its last breathstruggling for answers as the brain creates images and if I do wakeI’ll share as if its an experience of faith our brains set up defenses toContinue reading “Life only knows to create.”