This brain belongs to me.

Here is a poem I wrote this morning… This brain belongs to me these thoughts they multiply and create liesI know I am groundedwithin factual existence I must or else I’ll breakwithin a fabricated society shattering real physicsand loosing my grip entirely. The above poem was one of several poems I wrote this morning asContinue reading “This brain belongs to me.”

You want more?

She looks below her feetshe lets out a giggle“That tickles.”she crouches down “Is it moving?” She leaps uplifting one footthen stomping it down lifting it up and taking a look“Gross,” she screams“There are guts all over me.” Different bloods mixing together some oxygenated others not “Eww it made purple,get off,” she cried.“It’s your fault,stop crawlingContinue reading “You want more?”