This brain belongs to me.

Here is a poem I wrote this morning…

This brain belongs to me
these thoughts they multiply
and create lies
I know I am grounded
within factual existence
I must or else I’ll break
within a fabricated society
shattering real physics
and loosing my grip entirely.

The above poem was one of several poems I wrote this morning as I was multitasking. As in washing dishes by hand, dancing, and writing in my phones notepad as I was preparing myself mentally for work. I’m not a sociable person, my home is my comfort zone out of I feel drained. Anyways it feels impossible to commit to one task at a time, because when I do nothing seems to get done.

Most of the poems go along with a story I’ve been writing for several years. Which all the thoughts had stopped, and I wasn’t able to formulate a point to it all. Until recently, in which I’ve been writing as much as possible. A poem for this blog, other poems for various projects. In the past few days many of the characters and concepts I had been thinking of sort of connected and in a moment it made sense where to take it.

One of my biggest questions of life is why are we here? What are we? How did we get here? Evolutionism? Creationism? I’ve always been an arrogant person and the answers I’ve found and or been given have felt lacking. Therefore I’ve stitched together other ideals and transformed them into my own theory. In which I don’t expect to be the true case although it’s as likely as any other. As long as I keep myself motivated and continue on I’ll actually finish this book. What has been helping me is allowing myself opportunities in which I allow the thoughts to flow without holding them back. Without forcing reason within every possible thought.

I feel the poem I shared at the top above my rambles showcases something I’m working on. I’ve been trying to break away from cliqued sentences. I’ve also been trying to force myself to break away and work out side of expected verses and boxing myself in. Does anyone else feel like that, as if they’re trapped within cliques? Especially when I rhyme I feel that way. I often use improper sentences on purpose because I always think someone made up the proper technique at one point why are we not allowed to make up our own styles today? If we keep living within these formulated parameters how will we ever create anything new?

If you made it to the bottom of my rambles thanks for taking your time to read them. I try not to make posts long because time is the most valuable measurement. Each second spent is one second closer to absolute nothingness and who wants to waste their time of total awareness?
-Temperamentally Tina.

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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