Negatives and lets not forget the positives

I’ve spent the last several months focused on all the negative points of the pandemic, watching the chaos ravish all around me, and yet somehow through all this people have turned a pandemic into a political platform. Forcing their agenda and bombarding the public with text messages forcing their choice upon the rest of us as the right choice. Actually as I think about it the ones that forced me towards their candidate tended to be democrats.

I’ll be honest I’ve never voted before this election and I wasn’t going to allow this to break my record yet. And because of that fact I got several letters as if to intimidate me the letters stated something like we wont know who you voted for but we will know that you didn’t vote at all and we will be in contact with you to see why. And I thought cool I won’t answer, because you can kindly fuck off. That’s exactly why I don’t get involved with the whole political thing. How can change happen if the vast majority of Americans vote democrat or republican writing off any other party on the ticket?

Not to forget the call from the police department asking if I’d be willing to make a donation because of all this talk about defunding the police they need the money more than ever. The guy then stated how much would you be willing to donate $20 $75. $75 fucking dollars are you out of your mind? I hung up I never did receive an envelope to collect my donation. Go ahead defund the police, defund the entire system. Police officers ultimately are tired worn out people like the rest of us.

We wont defund the system although most people know that our system isn’t fair and doesn’t work. People accept this shitty class order because they don’t want to let go of that one percent chance that they themselves could rise above the rest of us fucks and join the 1%. The truth is were all economical junkies looking for another fix buying the useless shit as if it’ll fill the void. Indulging ourselves in designer labels just to say fuck you I made it even if we haven’t. I still remember in middle school wearing a hoodie and some kid making fun of me because it was K-Mart brand. I felt ashamed of myself embarrassed pathetic, and now I find it all so laughable. I wear non designer labels until they’re covered in holes and I have to retire them to a garbage bag. In which I’m not ashamed of I live by the motto it’s not about what your wearing it’s about what’s underneath.

And then we have the people that find the system is wrong in which their strategy is to walk around with assault rifles? I have no explanation towards this phenomenon I simply do not own guns and have no interest in owning one.

At this point in my life I just don’t want to be in debt, I’m not looking for upgrades to be able to say hey fuck I made it. I want a feeling of freeness not being weighted down by credit.

Past all that mess. I’d like to focus on the positives of the pandemic.

Positives of the pandemic in my opinion…
1. More family time.
2. It is now socially acceptable not to shake hands.
3. Some people wash their hands more often. (why didn’t they before?)
4. Strangers rarely stop each other to small talk anymore. I suck at small talk because as my husband puts it “I’m stuffy.”

Positives of wearing a mask in my opinion…
1. No one can see that huge booger hanging from your nose.
2. No one can see that gunky food in your teeth.
3. No one stops me at work and asks why I’m not smiling.
4. Facial expression are harder to notice and when a smart ass comment slips out under my breathe it’s harder to hear.

I’ll end this with a simple thanks for reading and well have a whatever the fuck day or night you want because opinions are simply just that and no one should be shoving their agenda at you. I simply just ramble to work out my thoughts.

Thanks for reading
Temperamentally Tina.

Purple and Green Monsters.

I recently made two different monster designs using the colors purple and green. One of the monster designs (Purple Monster) I made by drawing the monster around the word Hi and using the top dot on i as the monsters right eye. The bottom dot on the exclamation mark became the monsters left eye.

Images below show what the Purple Monster design looks like.

The other monster design (Purple, Black, and Green Monster) I used the colors purple, green, and black. The purple head has white to represent it’s teeth or the other creature attached to its white claws. Depends on how you look at it.

Images below show what the Purple, Black, and Green Monster design looks like.

The Purple Monster and Purple, Green, and Black Monster designs are available for purchase on items above and more at the TerriblyTina Shop on Redbubble. Thanks for stopping by Temperamentally Tina.

Rose With Eyeballs, and Rose Lips With Eyes Creatures.

I recently uploaded two new designs to the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble. The designs are fairly similar on one I placed a series of circles that vaguely resemble eyeballs inside of what could be considered a rose. On the other design I omitted the circles inside the rose and placed two sparkle like eyes above the rose.

Images below show what the Rose With Eyeballs design looks like.

Images below show what the Rose Lips With Eyes design looks like.

Both designs Rose With Eyeballs, and Rose Lips With Eyes are available for purchase on items shown above and more at the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble. Thanks for stopping by Temperamentally Tina.

Mutated factory creature art.

Last night I took a break from drawing kiddish art and just allowed my mind to run a bit. I I created a drawing that sort of resembled a question mark with floating bubble eyes. The last black layer my mind interpreted as a factory in the distance, and the black question mark creature I perceived as a puff of smoke coming from the factory. I titled the design Mutated Factory Creature. As most of my inkblot type of art it’s all up to interpretation, there really is no one answer to what the creatures are. The whole point of the art is just to free my mind and not become overly stressed trying to draw something perfectly instead just drawing and whatever happens happens.

I’ve been drawing a lot of artwork with a Halloween theme recently to create early educational games to play with my daughters, and share with others. After finishing 26 kids in Halloween costumes I needed a break to not be all stressed out about it. I have a really hard time drawing hands, even cartoonish style it makes me crazy frustrated therefore some of the characters hands were hidden behind their back. My frustration with my art skill is what drove me to create my creature art in the first place. I disliked most everything I would draw feeling it would never live up to my expectations or rank anywhere decent within the world of art therefore I began to just draw, rather than decide where the picture would end up I just began to simply draw and whatever happened happened.

Below images show what the Mutated Factory Creature With Eyes design looks like.

Below images show what the Mutated Factory Creature Without Eyes looks like.

I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to upload on Redbubble and share therefore I uploaded the design both ways with and without eyes. Mutated Factory Creature With Eyes and Mutated Factory Creature Without Eyes are available for purchase on items above and more at the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble. If interested in checking out other designs by me here is that direct link TerriblyTina on Redbubble. Thanks for reading my rambles and checking out my art.

Butterfly Creature Vase and A Flower With A Face

Tonight I decided to play around with a design I made and uploaded awhile ago on the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble called Flower Woman.

Tonight I ended up uploading two designs on the TerriblyTina Redbubble shop. Butterfly Creature Vase and A Flower With A Face. Here is what they look like…

Butterfly Creature Vase and A Flower With A Face designs are available for purchase on items shown above and more on Redbubble. If your interested in checking out other designs by me here is that direct link TerriblyTina at Redbubble. Thanks for looking.

Spider Creature

All my thoughts are all over the place and often I’m overwhelmed with the world around me. Stressed out by situations that I’m powerless to fix, stuck within a mindset that probably will never be adapted by the rest of the world. Watching the world fall apart as I sit on the sidelines as a helpless spectator.

I’ve been putting most my time within education and creating content to help further reinforce my daughters school studies. I figure regardless of the state of the world it’s my responsibility as a parent to try and raise a well educated and adjusted member of society whatever that society may be in the future. Maybe it’s time for the world to readjust priorities and realize what we’ve been doing wasn’t working anyways, and embrace our new realities. For me my goal by the time my daughter started school was to work outside of our home as little as possible, and homeschool.

Before when I spoke of my ideas I was often met with skepticism, because children need socialization. Therefore my husband and I had planned on sending her to school, and then the world sort of crashed and what once was a skeptical idea became the best solution.

Anyways I live within a fickle mind. That jumps from subject to subject. Often burdened by emotions that don’t always have a concrete reason behind them. Sometimes I get so angry about how at this point in time people can still be closed minded.

When I become overly stressed out because I have an over active imagination mixed with a temperamental center, I try to back away from art that has to fit a concrete form. That’s when I sit down and create my inkblot creature sort of art. I like the idea of just drawing whatever with no destination in mind, no image that I set out to create. The idea that it’s just some sort of creature left up to interpretation. I suppose because I’ve often been told over the years I’m bizarre and don’t see things the way the rest of the world does I’m fascinated with the idea of creating art that each person can see in their very own way.

Here’s the image that sparked the above rambles…

When I finished the creature I couldn’t get one strict feel from it. Is it one creature? Is it two, is the umbrella like creature being weighted down by the other creature? Or is the umbrella like creature holding the other captive? Are they connected is it a spider creature? Since I had to pick a name I went with Spider Creature.

Spider Creature is available to purchase on items above and more on Redbubble. IF interested in checking out any of my other designs here is that direct link Terribly Tina at Redbubble. Thanks for checking out my designs and reading my rambles.

Do you see a man in the floor?

Ever since I was young I found myself mesmerized by the grooves and lines and patterns within floor tiles, walls, doors whatever. It’s intriguing to me to think what happens by accident, if a person stares long enough within a wood grain on a door or within the textured design on a floor eventually an image can be seen. As if it’s just hiding there waiting to be found.

I took a picture of my bathroom floor to capture an image of a haunting man, and I ended up noticing after I took the picture that there was a shadow from my phone at the bottom that I interpreted as a creepy clown. As I looked more at the image I then was like uhh maybe its a woman in a hooded cloak with a necklace around her neck.

Maybe you see what I see, maybe you see something else. Or maybe you look at this and think what the hell it’s just a bathroom floor there’s nothing there.

The concept I’m most fascinated by is the idea that even the same exact image each person can view and or see a completely different way. The idea that our brains are wired differently and images are interpreted by individuals differently fascinate me. I think the ability to find things that are hidden or to be able to imagine something another hasn’t is a trait that’s important in the world and often forgotten because I feel people get lost within the sense that they have to be accepted and acceptance means not standing out apart of the crowd. Therefore art becomes dormant, and people forget to find their own style because they’re so wrapped up in being likable. Rather than setting their own path.

I uploaded the design onto the Terribly Tina Redbubble shop, below are what a few of the products look like with the image..

If your interested in checking out the Man in the floor design click here. Thanks for reading.

Like An Octopus Creature

I’ve been trying to get myself to draw more of the creature art type of stuff because it’s the only way I’m able to shut my mind off for several minutes at a time. I have a difficult time relaxing my husband recently bought this odd back posture thing that’s suppose to correct posture by laying on it. It sounds like some ridiculous joke gadget, and when we got it he’s like yea just lay on it for 15 minutes and I’m like 15 minutes what the fuck I just lay there? I can’t handle sitting still for long periods of time I get anxious which I suppose is my problem I can’t relax. Anyways past that boring bit of info I’ve been drawing lately stuff for educational kid projects I’m working on or for kid books and what not. That stuff just stresses me out drawing something that looks like something that exists and has to fit a certain criteria in which everyone can say oh yea that’s a hedgehog or whatever. With my creature art it doesn’t have to hold any real standard and it’s destressing.

Having to fit in a box has never been my thing, I get all stressed out fitting standards of anything because most of the time I don’t actually agree with most the shit I just do because I guess they’re things humans are suppose to do. For example Santa Claus, a fat man in a red suit that passes out presents that we supposedly allow in our homes once a year to give presents to our children? To keep the lie alive for our children we take them to sit on a strange mans lap? Luckily my daughter hasn’t asked to sit in Santa’s lap yet, so we’ve been able to skip that tradition since she’s been born. Any other time if that sort of character was parked outside your house in lets say a white van and he was offering toys or candy to your children he’d be arrested. The entire concept is insanity.

Anyways past the rambles here is what Like an Octopus Creature looks like…

Like an Octopus Creature is for purchases on items above and more on RedBubble. If interested in checking out other designs by me here’s that direct link TerriblyTina at RedBubble. Thanks for reading my rambles.