Before the blood freezes.

Externally I’m shaking trying to warm up before the blood freezesand liquification isn’t an option. A needle inserteda bag tilted inspecting as the friction meets the skin stay warm have to stay warm a lighter I’m never been a smokerand candles aren’t always necessary in the times of electricity. I breath out as the airContinue reading “Before the blood freezes.”

Was it the left? Was it the right?

Two houses at the end of the street,was it the left,was it the right?Same color house same sizesame year built. I never could tell my left from my right without my hands raised. The house on the left had a body on the counter filled of knives,a head hanging from the string upon the fan,andContinue reading “Was it the left? Was it the right?”

I asked you to leave!

The cupboards are opened the food flown across the roomand the tomatoes are squashedas I scream,I asked you to leave! A moanthe windows blown open I scream out It’s cold in hereyour letting the draft in! I let them in I felt guilty because maybe it was my fault.It wasn’t like I meant to hitContinue reading “I asked you to leave!”

As the worms slither beneath.

In the dirt materials are laid and houses are built as the worms slither beneath eating the mineralsas a shovel halves them wiggling two parts. The smaller part slithers quickly escaping the quick thrusts of the shovelbusily leveling the groundfor a swimming poolfor the animals to playin clean waterfilled of chemicals to fight the algaeContinue reading “As the worms slither beneath.”

There is a bigger treat up there.

Fuck.She rubbed her head.Fuck.She rubbed her head again.This time looking up.She quickly blinked her eyes,again she blinked faster.What the fuck?She shook her head.No my imagination is doing it again,it’s all in here.She thought hitting her own head.Bitch.The words hit her fast.She stoppedand looked upstaring at the imageof a man trapped in a….She thought about it.IsContinue reading “There is a bigger treat up there.”

The shadowy figure in the corner.

In the morgue it was cold her finger tips felt numb and the smell of formaldehydehad invaded her nostrilsrather than stop she worked through the night as she had on the nights that had come before. Tonight the cold had begun to slow herforcing the blood to thicken inside herand in this spot she workedthereContinue reading “The shadowy figure in the corner.”

What is that spot?

She stares at the blank computer screenwaiting as if the words are going to write themselvesher mind empty she tries again she looks down at her fingernails a little dirtgross. To the sinkher hands bleed germs are tough the water hot the soap almost emptyher hands still they bleedand she only scrubs harder turning offContinue reading “What is that spot?”