The screen fills.

A knife to start a linea place to tare the skin to allow the thoughts to freebecause the bulkinessmakes thinking stiffand difficult to think it all out. A hand per each sidepulling the skin the thoughts become little creaturesslicking their legs about scurrying to get outpulling the part widerwider more. They make their way pushingContinue reading “The screen fills.”

New is a longing.

Will it ever beas I want it to be?Each word shitterthan the lastand I’m stucknew ideasnever finishedleft partially executed slipping out of the brainthe pages not emptyalthough the words re-read come out pointlessnew is a longing in which keeps me deletingswitching because different is a difficulty in which I’m trying and I’m feeling is impossibleandContinue reading “New is a longing.”

Placing the eggs in order.

It hurts in here I ask them to release the pressure It’s swollen because the little bugs are multiplying laying eggsat the thousandssprouting more thoughtsI’m trying to collect placing the eggsin order as if they’ll write a story seeded within my brain. Several lined upon the table I swat them to the floor stand upContinue reading “Placing the eggs in order.”

This character I shall write off dead.

A novel is above my expertisemaybe pleasethis timeI’ll write more than several lineshating the words I’m reading back in my headthis character I shall write off deadif one tries and cant succeedshall they just proceedor take a hammer to the keyboardeach word strikes another cord it feels as if a choreto prevailisn’t it easier toContinue reading “This character I shall write off dead.”

I am simply a human being.

With that title comes the confliction of thought. Life is a complexity I often get lost in, trying to understand how I feel, why I feel that way? And on certain days, trying to understand how I stopped feeling ways I once did. And other days fearful I’ll become the people that frustrate me theContinue reading “I am simply a human being.”