Sleeping the thoughts off.

Sleeping the thoughts offas the eyes closemore appearwithout my control and I see the stories playof faces I don’t quite knowand I awakejot a few lines down to save and wash through my conscious mind mixing in the detergent letting them turn and soak indown to the final beepout they gohanging them to dryawaiting aContinue reading “Sleeping the thoughts off.”

Like a drip of acid.

Each task I must completeis like a drip of acidwithin my braina burning sensation eating holes through my memory a few tasks slip oh I forgot I can’t remember I can’t think of it all. An antidote within adaptation if I evolve into an individual that doesn’t stressthat doesn’t worry would that repair the holesbringContinue reading “Like a drip of acid.”

Making my mind mine.

I’ve spent a lot of timemaking my mind mine.Analyzing many of wordsand combinations taking in thoughtsfrom other sourcesand banishing them out.I’m not looking to change,I’m looking to evolve further.My mind openednot to suggestions or for the takemy mind is open to allow the flow to create to find what hasn’t been done trying to shredContinue reading “Making my mind mine.”

I can see the thoughts.

I can see the thoughts as I think them slipping out of my mind as if they’re spiders quickly sprouting websas the words dangle hanging off my ceiling in the webs of thoughts hatching as the anxiousfeelings growand they multiply as my mind sputters to keep upmy eyes weightedby all that they must processand myContinue reading “I can see the thoughts.”

No I’m the most right.

I’d like to believe that I am the most rightand I know your sitting backthinking no I’m the most rightand I’m like no it’s meit most certainly isand then I stop and I thinkshitisn’t that where we fucked upbelieving that any one person could be correct? We’ve been arrogant in our thoughtsin our knowledge becauseContinue reading “No I’m the most right.”

I have a heart.

I have a heart with extra fatty tissueit won’t kill me that’s my life motto something isn’t right as the doctors stateit won’t kill you. My heart strugglesfast beatsthe more my brainholds and retains the harder the struggleand the lungs have a small capacity to retain all the insanity created by the outward factors. IContinue reading “I have a heart.”

My thoughts are never emptied.

Some days my head feels fucking hugeall the thoughts are rising trying to burst out through any opening working their way out through my nostrilsand pushed back in through my earspiling higher filling higher my mouth lets a bit slipas several more thoughts enter and my fingers type faster the space is never freedand myContinue reading “My thoughts are never emptied.”